Purchasing an Air Conditioner in Queensland

You may have noticed that some of our air conditioners are specific to Queensland. Queensland has strict regulations around air conditioner energy usage and have asked manufacturers to create air conditioners that are compliant with their demands. The air conditioners displayed on this page are all compliant with QLD regulations and are safe to install in your residence or business.

What is the regulations in QLD?

Air conditioners in Queensland need to be fitted with DRED technology (Demand Response Enabled Device). DRED technology allows your local power supplier to remotely switch off your air conditioner on exceptionally hot days if the electrical grid is close to collapsing. This technology allows for greater control of the complex electrical grid in Queensland and ensures that your power stays on.

How can I tell if an air conditioner is DRED enabled?

There are two ways; firstly, we’ve narrowed down all the DRED enabled devices that are compliant to QLD law and listed them on this page. So if you don’t want the hassle of trying to find out which unit is or isn’t DRED-enabled, stick to this page for your options. The second way is to check the energy usage sticker on split-cycle air conditioners. If it’s DRED-enabled, the energy label will state it.