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May 16th, 2015

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Dyson is one of those brands where the word “iconic” accurately applies, and isn’t just an overused part of the modern descriptive vocabulary. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a vacuum cleaner or a fan – you can always recognise and appreciate the design of a Dyson product.


Case in point – Dyson’s Hot+Cool fans, which combine the functions of a regular household fan and a convenient portable heater, all in one stylish package.

What’s so great about a Dyson Hot+Cool fan?

To make an gratuitous Shakespearean allusion, let us count the ways:

  • It’s useful all year round – Stinking hot in summer? Get the air moving through your home and make it a bit less stuffy. Winter chill setting in? Crank the heat and disperse warmth through your home. Rather than having a separate portable aircon and heater, each spending six months of the year taking up space in storage while gathering dust, you can keep one appliance ready to use at any moment.
  • It looks great! – As this appliance is useful for both heating and cooling, you’re more likely to make this fan a permanent feature of your room than a portable heater or fan, which often end up locked away in a cupboard for months at a time.
  • It’s not too big and not too small – While this fan isn’t exactly oversized, it’s still too big to function effectively as a desk fan. It’s just the right size for warming or cooling one room at a time.  Perfect for Goldilocks!
  • It’s easy to keep clean – The smooth, bladless design can be wiped clean of dust and grime with practically no effort.

How does a bladeless fan work?

Using an internal motor, the appliance draws air up through its lower vents, into the upper ring and out into your room. This air movement induces the more air from the fan’s surrounds to move through the ring in turn, which is why Dyson names this technology the Air Multiplier.

Check out this video to see how Dyson Air Multipliers draw air (and balloons) through their rings:

And for any smarty-pants preparing to leave a smug correction in the comments – yes, the internal fan that drives the air through the Air Multiplier’s base DOES have blades, which means  TECHNICALLY these Dyson products aren’t actually BLADELESS fans. They just don’t have any EXTERNAL blades. Which is pretty much the same thing. Smarty-pants.

Dyson Hot+Cool fan vs portable heater

A Dyson Hot+Cool fan can effectively replace your portable space heater or similar warming appliance, as it’s equally capable of taking the bite out of winter’s chill, one room at a time.


Also, you know that gross burning smell you often get when you start up your heater after it’s been in storage for ages?  That’s the smell of dust being singed, scorched and burned by the heater.

Unlike space heater or bar heaters, the heating elements in Dyson Hot+Cool fans are designed to never reach a high enough temperature for dust to burn. You’ll never again have to endure a bad smell when warming your house!

Dyson Hot+Cool fan vs portable air conditioner

While the Dyson Hot+Cool fan can be used as a heater, it’s still just a fan. During summer, it can generate a gentle breeze to refresh your space and help you feel more comfortable, but it can’t lower your room’s temperature.


If all you want is to take the edge off a hot day, one of these fans should do the trick nicely. But if your goal is to keep your room perfectly chilled while the midday sun rides high in the sky, a portable air conditioner may be a better choice.

How to use the Dyson Hot+Cool fan:


Just plug it in, switch it on, and select either the hot or cool mode (indicated in red and blue), as well as the temperature (in heating mode) and fan speed.


You can also set the fan to oscillate back and forth at the touch of a button.  And to better direct the airflow at different angles, the fan has been balanced so it can be conveniently tilted.


Plus, all of these functions can be handled by the convenient remote control, which is magnetised so it can sit on top of the fan when not in use.

Is the Dyson Hot+Cool fan noisy?

It’s always hard to describe an appliance’s noise level accurately, as it’s so subjective – some people are disturbed by the slightest buzzing, while others can sleep through heavy metal operas.


Personally though, I don’t find the Dyson Hot+Cool fan to be any noisier than most typical household fans – it gets louder as you crank up the fan speed, but it’s certainly nothing unbearable.

Aren’t Dyson products expensive?

There’s no getting around the fact that Dyson products can be a bit pricier than those from other brands, and I can appreciate that being a dealbreaker for many people.


That said, if you value efficient performance from your appliances, not to mention an iconic (yes, there’s that word again) and stylish design that won’t  stick out like a sore thumb, then perhaps you’ll find a Dyson Hot+Cool fan a worthwhile investment.

How much does a Dyson Hot+Cool fan cost to run?

It depends on a range of factors – electricity prices in your area, the size of your room, whether you’re heating or cooling your space, the fan speed and temperature settings and so on.

This article from the ABC does a great job estimating the approximate running costs of a bladless fan in comparison to other heating and cooling appliances. And our own blog post, Winter survival guide: heating tips, running costs and more, may also be helpful when it comes to working out your home’s winter running costs.

What Dyson Hot+Cool fans are available?

The Dyson Hot+Cool fan model I have at home is the dependable and reliable AM05.

While these models did have a recall back in 2014 to fix a problem, any new models from this series you purchase should be fine. If you’re buying one secondhand, or just want that bit of extra peace of mind, visit dysonrecall.com and enter your product’s serial number to be absolutely certain that it’s all good.

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater Black Nickel 302644-01Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater Black/Nickel 302644-01

The latest version of the Dyson Hot+Cool fan available in 2015 is the AM09, which adds a few extra handy features. These include programmable timer for nighttime use, a powerful Jet Focus mode for blasting cool or warm air to a single spot, and improved noise control for quieter performance.

Where can I find a Dyson Hot+Cool fan?

Right here at Appliances Online! In addition to fans, we also have a wide variety of other heating and cooling appliances for keeping your home comfortable all year round.

And by shopping online with us, you can also benefit from our legendary delivery service, not to mention our 24/7 customer support – just contact us on 1300 000 500.

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