Summer lovin’: Samsung offers new Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners

September 24th, 2012

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With a large high pressure system making its way over the country last weekend, most states got a taste of the glorious weather we can expect to see this summer.

Sunshine stretched from Sydney to Darwin, and Australian households were forced to start thinking about how they are going to keep cool in the coming months.

But the high temperatures were only a taster, with the mercury set to drop again in the next couple of days.

So with the weather so unpredictable, how can you expect to be able to cool your house with just a moment’s notice?

Samsung Electronics Australia may have the answer, releasing the new Smart Series Boracay air conditioners featuring Wi-Fi connectivity.

The latest range of cooling devices allows users to control the air conditioning unit via their compatible Android or iOS smartphone or tablet – so that even if you aren’t at home, you can cool the house ready for your arrival.

Your smartphone becomes another remote control for the Boracay air conditioner when cooling system is connected to your Wi-Fi network at home. Turn the unit on or off, select the mode or temperature and even set up a time clock all with the help of the handy Samsung Smart Air Conditioner app.

Featuring the D’light Comfort Mode to measure both temperature and humidity for the ultimate level of comfort, as well as HD Filtration and a designated sleep mode, the Smart Series Boracay air conditioners are sure to be a popular addition to homes around the country this summer.

According to Samsung Electronics Australia’s head of home appliances Mike Lilly, the air conditioners have been designed to deliver an effective cooling and heating solution for all living environments.

“The new Wi-Fi control and D’Light Cool Mode is a reflection of the added smarts that have been incorporated into the Samsung Smart Series range,” he said (September 21).

“Both of these features demonstrate the expansion of Samsung’s smart range and the commitment to providing consumers with intuitive products.”

There are five models available, ranging from the top of the line 8kW F-AQV30TWD-01 right down to the 2.5kW F-AQV09TWS-01, and you can find the full range here.

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