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BeefEater Company Background

Beefeater has been manufacturing barbecues for over twenty years and have made their grill into an Australian icon. As the largest independent barbecue manufacturer in Australia, Beefeater barbecues are certified to Australian, American and CE standards. Beefeater products are now sold around the world, in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.

Beefeater's uniquely Australian approach is what helps them manufacture the best barbecue. Using highest quality porcelain enamel and stainless steel components, a Beefeater barbecue is more than the sum of its parts - it's a reputation built on design, performance, quality and durability. Entertaining friends and cooking dinner for the family will be easy and enjoyable with a Beefeater grill. Furthermore, people will notice your desire for quality and your passion for a well-prepared meal. Appliances Online brings you these remarkable grills at deeply discounted prices so you can enjoy your Beefeater grill long after you've forgotten the price.

Beefeater barbecues feature an ignition system that does not need batteries, so you'll be sure to have a fast light whenever you need it. An instant flame means you'll be cooking in an instant and, since you never have to worry about replacing batteries, your only concern will be in preparing the best foods. A Beefeater barbecue will never become rusty due to the quality materials - such as commercial quality RF Technology stainless steel - used in their construction. Also, the use of high quality construction materials means that they are as easy to clean as they are to use. A lifetime stainless steel warranty and ten year porcelain enamel warranty will ensure you get the most from your barbecue investment and many nights of barbecue enjoyment with your family and friends. An integrated convection roasting hood means you can prepare almost any kind of dish on your barbecue, ensuring you get the most cooking for your dollar.

Optional components such as infrared radiant burners and a high output side burner let you customise your barbecue for the optimal grilling experience. Choosing from built in or mobile bbqs means you can take your meal to go or enjoy an evening at home without sacrificing quality or flavor. With the choice to have up to five burners on your grill, combined with the easy portability of a Beefeater, you'll be able to concoct culinary masterpieces anywhere at anytime.

A high heat output means a Beefeater can achieve instant searing conditions. Combined with a vaporising grid system that limits flare ups, recipes with more challenging cooking requirements are simple to achieve. A modular system means you can customise your barbecue to fit your exact needs, budget and spacial requirements. Wheel away convenience means you'll never have to worry about storage - just cart your barbecue wherever you need it to free up space. On board, secure gas cylinder storage means your barbecue is easy to store without the worry of moving several parts around.

All this, and with Appliance Online's top notch, unbiased, professional advice available 7 days a week, means you'll have no trouble making the best barbecue purchase for your needs and lifestyle. It also means that you'll be spending more time cooking and entertaining.


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