A few of our favourite washing machine and dryer features

August 14th, 2014

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When selecting appliances for your home’s laundry, there are a number of factors to consider.

How many people are in your home?  What kind of clothes make up your regular laundry load? What size machine will fit through your front door?

choosing a washing machine

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to just a few of favourites, your final decision will likely be based on what machine offers the best price and the best features.

Getting the best price is fairly simple – just check out the Appliances Online Best Price Guarantee for details of how we price match.

As for the best features, here are a few great ones to keep an eye out for when choosing a washer or dryer:

Long-lasting anti-bacterial rubber seals

Rubber door seals on front loading washing machines endure a remarkable amount of wear and tear, but can start to degrade and decay over time, leading to dirt and grime getting trapped with your wash.

Needless to say, for the health and safety of your household, you’ll want to invest in a washing machine with specially treated anti-bacterial or anti-fungal seals (such as those on the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart series, seen above) to help ensure longer-lasting performance.

7kg Front Load Asko Washing Machine W65647kg Front Load Asko Washing Machine W6564

Special mention goes to Asko’s premium front loaders, which don’t use rubber seals at all – their SmartSeal technology means less maintenance, and more hygienic wash cycles over time.

Sensor washing and drying cycles

Some washers and dryers include sensors that can monitor your clothes as they wash or dry, making small adjustments as the cycle progresses to take better care of your particular laundry load.

7kg-front-load-simpson-washing-machine-swf10761-medium7kg Front Load Simpson Washing Machine SWF10732 with Auto Water Level Sensing

In a washing machine, sensors can help to save water and energy while giving your clothes a perfect clean.

5kg Fisher & Paykel Dryer DE50F56E1 with Sensor Drying

Moisture-detecting sensor drying is particularly amazing, as it means no more guesswork in the laundry – forget about having to start another drying cycle to remove that last bit of dampness from your washing.  Plus, there’s less risk of damaging your fabrics through overdrying.

Fast washing or drying cycles

Whether it’s called quick wash, rapid dry, or some other equally totally-rad term, this is the cycle you turn to for when you’re in a hurry!

8.5kg Front Load Samsung Washing Machine WW85H5400EW8.5kg Front Load Samsung Washing Machine WW85H5400EW – features a 15-minute Variable Quick Wash

The exact length of time varies, depending on the make and model of your machine, though some cycles can complete in as little as 15 minutes!

6.5kg Bosch Heat Pump Dryer WTW86200AU6.5kg Bosch Heat Pump Dryer WTW86200AU – features a 40-minute drying program

The downside of a shorter washing or drying cycle is that your clothes will receive a less thorough wash or dry.  With this in mind, quick cycles should only be used for modest loads of laundry, even just one or two items that need of a freshen-up.

A variety of washing and drying programs

Sticking all of your laundry into a washer or dryer and hitting “ON” won’t always cut the mustard.  No, sometimes you need to wash on a special “mustard” setting to remove that stubborn stain.

smartdrive catThe control panel of a Fisher & Paykel front loader can also serve as a handy bed…

A selection of different specialised washing and drying settings can provide a laundry appliance with the additional versatility and flexibility required to deal with particular laundry load types, saving you time and effort.

6kg Electrolux Dryer EDV60516kg Electrolux Dryer EDV6051

That said, don’t always jump straight for the machine with the longest list of different cycles, as unless you’re planning to actually use most of these, you could end up spending extra money on nothing.

Programmable, Custom or Favourite cycles

Some laundry appliances let you select your own washing or drying settings to create your own cycle that exactly fits your home’s requirements.

This WashSmart Fisher & Paykel top loader includes a Favourite cycle, which saves your programmed wash options to use again later.

What’s more, these specifications can often be saved into the machine’s memory, so you can use your favourite cycle again later, without having to enter all the details again.

Super-handy for precisely dealing with your family’s unique laundry requirements and preferences!

Anti-allergy setting

This might not be a setting that everyone will need, but for a few, it’s an absolute lifesaver.

The “babycare” cycle of this Euromaid front loader is also great for people with allergies.

Antibacterial settings eliminate more of the germs and bacteria that set off allergies, allowing your household to breathe that little bit easier.

Need more help?  Ask our experts!

The Appliances Online team knows appliances. Seriously.  Our experienced Customer Support team members are familiar with our entire range, and regularly refresh their training to remain up-to-date with the latest developments in the wonderful world of whitegoods.

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So if you have any questions about the features of a laundry appliance, contact us on 1300 000 500 for a chat.  We’ll tell it like it is, and help you select the best washer or dryer to suit your home.

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