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Finish Colour
Width (mm)
595 686
Height (mm)
840 982
Washer Depth (mm)
460 767
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$479 $4490
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Door Hinge
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Front Load Washing Machines

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Front Load Washing Machines

Appliances Online specialises in selling the best quality front load washing machines with big brands like Bosch front load washing machines, LG front load washing machines, Fisher & Paykel front load washing machines and front load Whirlpool washing machines.

When you're looking for a simple and convenient way to get your clothes clean while using less water, it's hard to go past a front loading washing machine from Appliances Online.

Front loaders are sometimes thought to be smaller in size than top loaders, but modern-day front load washers are available in sizes comparable to all but the largest top-loaders. Since they don't need to completely fill with water to run, and can use gravity in the tumbling action to agitate your clothes, front loaders tend to be very water and energy efficient, which can make them much easier on your utility bills.

Leading brands of front loading washing machines can be found at Appliances Online, such as Bosch, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and many more. For the style-conscious, front load washing machines can be found in various colours, including classic white, stainless steel, and even black.

For all your front load washing machine needs, you can't go past Appliances Online. See our buying guide to find the right model to suit your lifestyle.