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About Zip

Zip Company Background

Australia's Zip introduced the world's first instant boiling water heater in 1975. Prior to this boiling water took time, requiring the filling of the kettle and keeping a watch on it as the water came to a boil. Taking a bath meant chopping kindling, fetching coal, lighting a fire under the copper and waiting an hour or two! Now, thanks to Zip's instant boiling hot water technology, the process of boiling water couldn't be simpler. Not only that but it is available at the push of a button or the twist of a tap. An immediate success when introduced in the 80's, their kettles were soon in offices, restaurants and cafes across the country. Zip soon saw the potential of their appliance beyond Australia and decided to market globally. Today, millions around the world depend on Zip instant hot water systems for cooking, in the making of hot drinks and countless other everyday uses.

As a company native to Australia, Zip knows the unique needs of our market and caters to it perfectly. They are proud to be Australian and make it their business to contribute to the development of persons and products that in turn help celebrate Australia. They have been involved in many community focused projects, including the Sydney Festival, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, The SOA Foundation, the National Biography Award and Friends of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Appliances Online is proud to welcome to its online catalogue a native Australian company with a product line that looks sleek and stylish in any home.

The Zip HydroTap gives you great tasting instant boiling and chilled filtered water at home. With advanced features like a programmable 24/7 clock, auto-sleep mode when idle, air cooled operation that saves water and patented energy saving Power Pulse technology, you know your Hydro Tap's operation is as efficient as possible. This not only saves money in your budget but also saves water and energy for the planet. You'll feel better while you enjoy your cuppa knowing that nothing is being wasted. With a sub micron filter for healthier water, a child safety lock and hands-free programmable filling you will also have every health and safety consideration on your side.

The Zip ChillTap delivers chilled, filtered water only that tastes great whilst eliminating the need for bottled water. With a patented flow control valve, reduced water splashing and a double non-return valve that protects the water supply from contaminants trapped in the filter, the ChillTap has all the safety features you're looking for. Furthermore, a surge-proof system protects the filter from damage that can be caused by built up pressure in the water mains.

With Zip you have an enormous array of choices on how to get instant boiling or chilled water at the push of a lever. With Appliances Online you have all the advice you need, right at your fingertips, to help you make the best decision for your home.


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