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The name Sony is synonymous with technological innovation and well known as an industry leader in the production of audio visual products. And it’s a reputation that’s well-deserved: they’ve a deeply entrenched commitment to creative solutions which are designed to enrich the lives of their customers – sustainably and affordably.

Founded in 1946, the company began with the determination to establish itself at the cutting edge of the electronics evolution and bring that innovation into the home. This dynamic, questing spirit led the fledgling company to develop Japan’s first tape recorder – and from there it has underpinned the extraordinary growth and technological development of this electronics powerhouse.

Their range now encompasses the best of home theatre equipment available. With the release of their extraordinary Sony BRAVIA LEDs, for example, they have set an incredible new standard in TV technology. Offering crystal-clear, hyper-realistic detail and lustrous colour – with Full High Definition and 3D capabilities on select models – they take the immersive televisual experience to the next level.

This standard extends across a hugely diverse range of products. A Sony Blu-ray disc player, for example, provides an exceptional way to enjoy Blu-ray’s incredible sound and picture quality. And if you want to match this capability to an amazing sound speaker set-up, check out a Sony hi-fi system: these things will blow you away with their surround sound, throwing you into the midst of the action like never before.

Meanwhile, a Sony digital clock radio is a superb introduction to the high-fidelity sound and enhanced features of digital broadcasting. And an entertainment accessory from Sony, such as a pair of Active 3D shutter glasses or a set of DJ monitoring headphones, offers an incredible opportunity to take your home experience to the next level.

Appliances Online is proud to stock a huge range of Sony products, and with such diversity on offer there are options to suit many different lifestyle and budgetary demands. A truly stellar brand, they offer a wealth of possibilities to have the home entertainment experience you always dreamed of.


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