Kitchen & Cooking Buying Guide

Appliances Online has the largest online range of the world's biggest cooking brands. Whether you're renovating your kitchen or simply upgrading an old stove, we've got appliances to match your needs, style and budget.

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Here is a quick overview of what we offer:


The first and more important requirement to bear in mind when buying an oven is size. Make sure you measure your kitchen cavity and compare it against the dimensions of the product before you purchase.

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens are easy to operate, and don't require a gas connection. If you love baking cakes and pastries, an electric oven is a good choice because they tend to produce a dry heat that's perfect for browning and rising.

Gas Ovens

Thanks to advances in technology, today's gas ovens deliver precise, even temperatures that are perfect for baking, roasting and more. Gas ovens produce a moist heat which is ideal for cooking succulent roast meat and deliciously rich puddings. Additionally, gas is an economical and environmentally-friendly energy source.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens make it easy to prepare low-fat, nutritionally rich food. It's been proven that you can retain the highest nutritional content of vegetables through steaming (compared with boiling or frying). And because steaming cooks food without drying it out, you don't need to drown it in fats or oils to retain the moisture. As an additional benefit, steam ovens are easy to keep clean - as you don't get that 'baked-on' effect you tend to get with conventional ovens.

Upright Ovens

An upright oven combines a cooktop and an oven (and sometimes also a grill) in the one appliance. Upright ovens are available in electric and gas, and you can also get dual fuel models which combine an electric oven with a gas cooktop.


Once again, we urge you to measure the space available in your kitchen before you buy a new cooktop. Cooktops come in various different shapes and sizes, so please double check there is enough room. And if you need to have your new cooktop professionally installed, Appliances Online can arrange an installation with our very own Winning Services. Contact us for more details.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are a fantastic choice because they're extremely powerful and they respond instantly to heat adjustments. Gas also provides an economical alternative to electricity. If you love cooking Asian-inspired meals, look for a gas cooktop with a specialised wok burner.

Electric Cooktops

There are two types of electric cooktops on the market: solid and ceramic. Solid electric cooktops feature an exposed metal element that (in most cases) glows red to provide a visual indicator that it's switched on. These cooktops are easy to use and are also the cheapest of the lot.

Ceramic electric cooktops feature a stylish flat glass surface that is easy to wipe clean. The glass is reinforced to prevent scratching and cracking, however you will still need to be careful not to drop heavy pots and pans onto the surface.

Induction Cooktops

In the same way that steel and iron objects stick to magnetic surfaces, stainless steel and cast iron pots react with induction cooktops to create heat. Instead of transferring heat from the element to the pot, heat is created within the pot itself - which makes induction cooking remarkably fast and energy efficient.

They are also incredibly safe. If you remove the pot from the cooktop's surface, your induction cooktop will automatically switch off - which makes it impossible to accidentally leave the stove switched on.

However, you will still need to be careful not to scratch or crack the glass surface. Additionally, induction cooktops are not as convenient if you enjoy wok cooking - although you can buy a special wok adapter to get around this problem.


Appliances Online has the largest range of the world's best microwaves. We've got basic models that are perfect for quickly heating up last night's dinner, as well as state-of-the-art stainless steel models that allow you to perform more complex cooking functions.

Convection Microwaves

If you have a small kitchen, a convection microwave is a great solution as it performs all the same functions as an ordinary microwave together with the ability to roast, grill and bake. You can use your convection microwave to quickly defrost meat - and you can also use it to roast meat and brown the cheese on the top of your pasta bake. Nifty!


Appliances Online has a huge range of canopy, retractable, fixed, under-cupboard, and island rangehoods to choose from. Ultimately, your decision will come down to the amount of room you have in your kitchen, as well as where your cooktop is located. (An island cooktop, for instance, will require a canopy or an island rangehood). For help with your decision, please contact us.

Appliances Online also has a range of stylish rangehood splashbacks to choose from, to keep your kitchen clean and presentable.

Sinks & Taps

Give your kitchen renovation the perfect finishing touch with a beautiful new sink and tap from Appliances Online.

Hot water systems

Choose from a range of natural gas and LPG hot water systems to suit the needs of your household. We also have a range of hot water system accessories to choose from.


Inset sinks are the easiest to install - and also generally the cheapest option. This style of sink incorporates a flat drying area which is attached to the sink section. You can choose from single, double and triple sink configurations depending on the amount of space you've got, and your own preferences.

Meanwhile, undermount sinks are designed to be installed beneath your kitchen bench. Thus they are a great choice if you don't want to interrupt the flow of your benchtop - as they are designed to 'disappear' into the bench. Single and double undermount sink configurations are available.


Pull out taps are handy to have in the kitchen, as they literally 'pull out' to make rinsing easy.

Appliances Online also has a large range of stylish mixer taps that are as durable as they are beautiful. 'Mixer' means that both hot and cold water streams are mixed together in the one spout, allowing you to vary the temperature of the water.

If you would like a constant supply of filtered water in your kitchen, Appliances Online has just what you need. Our range of boiling and chilled filter taps will make it possible to enjoy instant filtered water at the touch of a button.

Food waste disposers

Finally, our range of food waste disposers will provide an easy and environmentally-friendly solution to the problem of food scraps. Designed to be installed in your sink (professional installation by a licensed tradesman is recommended), a food waste disposer will safely grind food scraps into a fine paste which can then be washed away. This is much better than throwing your food scraps in the bin, because it helps to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill.

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