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Just when you think that in sink food disposal units could not get any better - they do!InSinkErator - owned and operated by Emerson Appliances - offer a complete line of technologically sophisticated, reliable and energy efficient solutions for appliance manufacturers. Emerson is a publicly traded company and can be found on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol EMR. Emerson has approximately 129,000 employees at 250 locations worldwide. Emerson produces refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens and laundry appliances. InSinkErator is the brand name for their food waste disposal products.

Every week the average family disposes of approximately 16 kg of food waste that goes into landfill to be buried and forgotten about. That is equivalent to 19 million tons of decomposing organic material per year. Most food waste is about 70% water, so transporting of food by truck to the landfill is costly and inefficient. Disposing of your food waste into a garbage disposal unit sends the food to the water treatment system. InSinkErator food waste disposal units chop up the food waste into pieces less than an inch in size, allowing it to flow through your pipes and into the sewage system. Once there, the food pieces are filtered out, sent through a complex process which aids in the breakdown of organic solids and then turned into what's known as "sludge" - a nutrient-rich biosolid material which is then converted into fertiliser. Fertiliser based on biosolids releases nutrients slowly and naturally and is significantly better than many fertilisers on the market today.

In 1927, the world's first food waste disposer was created a few blocks from InSinkErator's current World Headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin. Racine architect John W. Hammes developed the idea, perfected the technology and patented the system. Hammes founded the company that from day one has been the world's largest manufacturer of disposers.Much of their growth is due to committed partnership with plumbing contractors. With its popularity beginning in the 1940's, In Sink Erator has become the number one choice of plumbing professionals, builders and kitchen dealers. Because of their commitment to quality, service and performance and the reliable brand name, customers can install the machine and never have to think about it again.

The difference is clear. InSinkErator systems are technologically advanced and durable. Their latest innovative product, the Evolution Excel, features many of the utilities that their current line offers, including 3-stage grinding process, high torque dura-drive induction motor and auto reverse technology. But the Evolution Excel has added sound deadening technology which makes it 60% quieter than all other competitor models. The 3-stage grinding feature processes even tough foods like celery. The long strings that would be left behind by ordinary disposals that could potentially clog your pipes are cut to less than an inch, making them harmless to your plumbing. Appliances Online offers the InSinkErator product line at fantastic prices. Your kitchen isn't complete without an InSinkErator product that promises never to back up your pipes.

At InSinkErator they believe that every product bearing their name must deliver a promise, an expectation and a solution. A promise that their products will deliver the benefits advertised; an expectation that their products will consistently exceed customer expectations; and a solution that will make the lives of their customers in the kitchen more efficient, comfortable and relaxing.

As the best-selling food waste disposer brand in the world, millions of InSinkErator disposers are manufactured annually. Today, In Sink Erator has operations in over 80 countries worldwide. With headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, they are the world's largest manufacturer of food waste disposers for home and commercial use. Like millions of happy customers around the world, Appliances Online is certain that you're going to love your new kitchen disposal system.


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