Miele vacuum sales double thanks to Madge

May 29th, 2013

Vacuums & Floor Care

The Met Gala in New York City is one of the fashion world’s biggest events, drawing A-list celebrities from around the world.

So what does the Queen of Pop Madonna do before the event? Hair? Makeup? Outfit?

No. She vacuums her bathroom:

Miele vacuum cleaners Appliances Online

This photo was posted on Madonna’s Instagram with the caption: “Tidying up before the #metball”. Days later, Miele (the brand of the vacuum that is provocatively positioned between Madonna’s legs) reported a dramatic increase in sales, sparking rumours that Madge may be lending her name to a vacuum range.

And guess what?

We sell it:

Miele vacuum cleaner

Recipient of rave reviews from our customers, the Miele Total Care Vacuum features  a TurboBrush for easy removal of pet hair – among other things.

So if you need a vacuum, and the only type that will do is one that’s been pictured on Madonna’s bathroom floor, Appliances Online has got you covered.

Who said appliances weren’t sexy?

Image source: hollywire.com

Image source: hollywire.com

That’s all for today, but in tomorrow’s installment of Celebrity Appliance News, we’ll take a look at Tom Cruise’s bizarre fridge-sniffing fetish. Until then!

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