Tony Abbott buys a fridge online for Christmas – and so can you!

December 8th, 2015

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Tony Abbott buys a fridge online for Christmas – and so can you!

To get ready for the festive season, many Australian households invest in a spare fridge to go in the garage, spare room, even the laundry. This extra storage space can be really handy if you’re hosting Christmas lunch, letting you chill plenty of food and drink for your family and guests.

No-one knows this better than former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott:


The Honourable Member for Warringah was recently snapped picking up a second-hand fridge on Gumtree, just in time for the holidays.

The former owner of the 3 year old Daewoo fridge, Emily Hastings, had a bit of a surprise when the “Margie” she had dealt with online turned out to be Margie Abbott, who arrived to pick up her new purchase along with her husband (and possibly some security).

“It was just a regular kitchen fridge, singular-top freezer, and I think it was 320 litres. Margie said she thought the fridge would come in handy come Christmastime.”Emily Hastings

Ms Hastings was reportedly getting rid of her old fridge in an effort to clear out her home before going overseas, so it sounds like everyone got what they wanted from this transaction – a regular Christmas miracle!

Daewoo RN-171 165L FridgeThis is NOT the same Daewoo fridge purchased by the Abbotts – rather, it’s a smaller 165L Daewoo bottom mount, also handy for adding a bit of extra storage to your home.

We’re always pleased to hear tales of happy, trouble-free appliance purchases (that’s pretty much exactly what we’re all about), but we also can’t help wondering… could Margie and Toned Abs have done a bit better?

If the Abbotts had chosen to buy their fridge from Appliances Online, here’s the Legendary Service they could have received:

  • A brand new appliance – While there’s nothing wrong with reliable secondhand goods, Appliances Online only sells new, unboxed appliances, so you can be certain you’ll receive a pristine-quality product.
  •  A competitive price – If you find the same in-stock, brand new product advertised for a cheaper total price (including delivery), we’ll match it.
  • Free next-day delivery – If you live in a metropolitan area (like, say, the Warringah electorate), if you order an in-stock large appliance from Appliances Online, your purchase may be delivered the very next day (depending on availability), saving you time and hassle.
  • Free connection, removal & recycling – As part of our Legendary Service, our delivery team can unbox and set up your new fridge for you, and even take your old one away to be recycled. We’ll even clean up all the packaging and rubbish from the appliance installation. That’s just polite.
  • Free returns – Changed your mind about your new fridge, even though it’s working fine? Reckon you should have gone for the stainless steel finish rather than the white? No worries. Just contact us within 14 days of your delivery to exchange your product for a different one, or to return it for credit towards your next purchase.
  • A full manufacturer’s warranty – Buying secondhand from a private seller comes with its share of risks, but all new products sold at Appliances Online come with their full manufacturer’s warranty in case of issues. Plus, you remain entitled to an exchange or refund if you’re sold a faulty or damaged product, as per Australian Consumer Law.

Another great option is to pick up an ex-display or factory second appliance at Electro Seconds Factory Outlet.  Not only will you receive an excellent price for your purchase, but you’ll also receive the full manufacturer’s warranty, for added peace of mind.


So if you’re interested in following a certain federal politican’s example and buying yourself an extra fridge to help make Christmas easier (choose an energy-efficient model to help reduce your home’s environmental footprint, not to mention your power bills), be sure to think about Appliances Online and our Legendary Service!

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