How De’Longhi will make you de’lighted at breakfast

September 10th, 2013

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De'Longhi SculturaDe’Longhi are currently wowing audiences at the IFA Expo in Berlin with a suite of products that are destined to inject style, panache and general deliciousness into breakfast time.

“Breakfast time” we hear you shriek. What’s that got to do with “style” and “panache”?!

Yeah, it’s true. For those that think breakfast is that sullen, miserable exercise undertaken in a pair of saggy PJs after you get out of the (wrong side of) bed, De’Longhi’s Scultura range offers new inspiration. In fact, you might want to dress up for the occasion (or at least put a pair of pants on).

The range is infused with a classic industrial design aesthetic, with glossy surfaces and elegant chrome embellishments ensuring these are appliances that celebrate the bright oh-so-delightful morning light.

According to Martin Thielmann, Marketing Director De’Longhi Deutschland GmbH, “the De’Longhi designers in Italy managed to capture the brilliance of light and apply it to the espresso coffee machine, kettle and toaster, adding more brilliance and lustre to the breakfast.” Not really sure what that means, but it sounds like a blinding heap of brilliance.

We dig the four-slice toaster, which apparently pays nostalgic homage to the 60s with its sense of design.


Personally, we just like the way it makes toast. Sturdily built with the requisite controls enabling the fussy toast-gourmand to get exactly the kind of toasted bready snack their heart desires.

Meanwhile, this kettle:



Now that’s a sexy kettle. This is the kind of kettle that knows what it’s got and knows how to use it. It’s packing 2,000 watts and it’s so smoking hot it has to come with 3-level safety protection.

Still, in terms of inspiration and “offering a ray of light”, we can’t help but be slightly curmudgeonly and say that an uplifting breakfast experience involves a hearty cup of coffee.

Well, De’Longhi are all over that situation, catering to the needs of the dedicated caffeine-fan, with a first-class espresso machine with milk frothing jet. Highlights of this thing of splendid beauty include separate thermostats for controlling water and steam, a large 1.4 litre water tank, and the self priming system which automatically builds up the pressure (so that the machine is always ready to rock).


Meanwhile, you also get the option of using either ground coffee or pre-portioned E.S.E. Pads (Easy Serving Espresso), the latter filled with exactly 7 grams of ground coffee, for fool-proof espresso at the touch of the button. The latter detail will definitely appeal on certain kinds of mornings where any kind of brain-function beyond the most mundane tasks is out of the question.

Uh, just don’t wait up for this thing to launch itself into Australia any time soon – DeLonghi are saying we are unlikely to get a sniff of it in the Australian marketplace until next year (possibly in time for Mother’s Day).

So thanks, you might say, for getting everyone all steamed up in anticipation. Hey, we just want to spread the De’Longhi De’love.

Okay, okay – settle down! In the meantime, you may be interested to know that we’ve got a brand new De’Longhi coffee machine shortly about to launch here at Appliances Online … the De’Longhi Espresso U Milk Espresso Machine (EN210BAE) – one of the most conveniently efficient machines we’ve ever seen! Watch this space for more De’Longhi de’tails.

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