Appliance warnings: Samsung, Miele, Insinkerator issue product recalls

June 4th, 2015

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A government regulator has published three warnings relating to a series of potentially dangerous appliances in the past two weeks.

Samsung, Miele and Insinkerator have all issued recalls through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The latest concerns relate to a potential fire hazard in some Samsung top loader washing machines.

The models affected were manufactured between 2010 and 2013.

Samsung Product recall

A statement on the government website said: “In some circumstances, there is a chance that moisture may penetrate the electrical connectors of the machines.

“If the defect occurs the machines pose a fire hazard to consumers.”

A warning was initally posted in 2013 relating to the defective washing machines. The regulator is advising customers to check their models and contact Samsung to arrange for a repair, replacement, or refund.

The statement added: ” If your model is an affected model, until the remedy is obtained, Samsung recommends that as a precautionary measure, you only use your washing machine if you are present or nearby to monitor it.

“If you notice any smoke or smell coming out of the washing machine, turn off the machine at the power point.”

Samsung Washing Machine Identification PlateSamsung Washing Machine Identification Graphic

The warning comes just days after Miele put out a recall for two of their gas burner cooktops.

The KM2312G and KM2354G have been reported for having an internal wire incorrectly routed. This may cause short to earth through the metallic gas supply pipe, causing a penetration in the pipe, the recall document stated.

KM 2312 Miele recall

It added: “If the defect occurs, the appliance poses a fire hazard.

“We request that you cease using your cooktop immediately and switch it the power off at the wall socket. This may be located under the cooktop or in the adjoining cabinetry.”

Customers are again advised to contact the brand directly.

A potential fire hazard has also been recorded in two models of InSinkErator waste disposers.

The recall report states: “Due to improper installation or damage to the air swift, water may come into contact with the micro switch.”

Consumers should contact InSinkErator for assistance and further information.


A statement added: “If an end user has an affected model, they can register to receive a replacement air switch.

“In the meantime, the disposer may be used normally, but should be disconnected from the power supply when not in use.”

Samsung models:


Miele models:

KM 2312 – 60cm 3 burner gas cooktop
KM 2354 – 90cm 5 burner gas cooktop

InSinkErator models:

55+and 65+
Where the serial number contains: N12, N13, N14, N1501, N1502 or N1503

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