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Looking for Miele's quality dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators? With their high-performance German designs, it's no wonder that Miele appliances are popular in Aussie homes.
While these Miele products are not yet available at Appliances Online, we do offer a variety of alternative European designs of a similarly high standard.

Miele Appliances Company Background

Miele Appliances has been a family owned and family run company throughout its distinguished career as a producer of high end consumer appliances. Since its founding days it has operated under the guiding motto of "forever better". To this day they believe this philosophy incorporates a great sense of responsibility - responsibility towards dealers and consumers, members of staff and the way they interact, the environment, suppliers, the communities where manufacturing plants are located and, not least, towards the public. They know the specific needs of their Australian customers and make sure their products reflect and solve those needs.

Miele manufactures in nine factories in Germany and one in Austria. They develop and produce the electronic controls for dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines at their own electronics production plant rather than outsourcing this stage of production as many other manufacturers do - ensuring a strict eye for quality and performance. Miele operates their own service organisations in all states and use service agents who are certified in working with their products. The company motto of "Forever Better" is applied to everything they approach, not the least of which is its standards of customer service.

Miele vacuums are top of the line appliances that feature outstanding build quality, design and durability. The recipients of multiple design awards - such as the Red Dot award - the company pursues a unique design vision. Each of their vacuums is created with a high level of visual detail including clean, modern lines that complement a distinctly contemporary look. High quality surface refinements mean that even when not in use, you won't feel the need to hide your vacuum.

But good looks are only becoming if an appliance is useful and a Miele vacuum is definitely a winner. With each unit's suction wand holder you can securely carry your vacuum from area to area whilst saving valuable space when it is not in use. With the Miele Parking System you can take a quick break in your work simply by hooking the floorhead to the back of the vacuum which sends the unit into standby mode. Noise is never a problem with their vacuums as they contain a noise optimised motor, as well as integrated noise proofing. Combined with a Silence setting, you have the best available cleaning power coupled with the smallest amount of noise. And with a ten meter cleaning radius you've got an incredibly convenient vacuuming solution.

A good filter is an important factor in any vacuum and Miele's filter effectiveness is top notch. A 12 step filter system incorporated the Miele HyClean dustbag, a motor protection filter and an air cleaning filter, a Miele vacuum removes all dust particles and odors from both the floor and the air. With three different types of Miele filters available - the Super Air Clean Filter, the Active Air Clean Filter and the Active HEPA Filter -you will find the best solution to your needs.

With Miele and Appliances Online you'll be able to find the vacuum that suits you best. With the team at Appliances Online you have the benefit of unbiased, professional advice available 7 days a week, which makes finding what's perfect for you so much easier.


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