Fisher & Paykel’s new laundry appliances arrive just in time for spring cleaning

September 18th, 2013

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The season for spring cleaning is upon us, with summer to follow soon.  With this in mind, Fisher & Paykel has released a new range of laundry appliances to help keep our washing under control when most of us would much rather be out enjoying the sunshine.  Or possibly napping…

smartdrive cat

Fisher & Paykel’s new QuickSmart and WashSmart front loaders have been designed and engineered with effortless convenience in mind, thanks to their super-quiet motors and range of easy-to-use smart features.

And to get your clothes ready for wear quickly, especially when a surprise springtime shower sneaks up on you and line-drying isn’t an option, the AeroXL condenser dryer does the job, without filling your laundry room up with steam.


Sized in both 7.5kg and 8.5kg models to suit different laundry configurations, the QuickSmart and WashSmart  Fisher & Paykel front loaders can provide your clothes with the kind of special treatment they deserve, for a better clean that’s easier to manage.

quickstart washing machineThe 8.5 kg QuickSmart Fisher & Paykel WH8560J1 front loader

The QuickSmart washing machine includes the following features:

  • Whisper-quiet SmartDrive technology: The direct drive motor removes the need for belts, pulleys or blocks of concrete to reduce vibrations.  Producing very little vibration, these motors barely make any noise while running.
  • Energy and water efficiency: Good for looking after both your household’s power bills and the planet.
  • Hot and cold fill: Provides you with more washing options.
  • 9 wash programs: Cottons, Everyday, Heavy, Delicate, Easy Iron, Quick (a cycle time of just 30 minutes!), Rinse, Spin and Drum Clean
  • Prewash: Treats stubborn stains before a cycle for easier removal.
  • Auto out of balance correction: Keeping the machine in balance means less wear and tear and an a longer overall product lifespan.
  • Automatic water level: Uses just the right amount of water to efficiently clean your clothes, further  supporting both the planet and your household’s water bills.
  • Delay start function: Lets you choose the time when your machine will start washing, to better integrate doing the laundry into your busy schedule and prevent wet clothes from sitting around in the machine for too long.
  • Smart features: Managed from the user-friendly SmartTouch control dial, these smart features include Foam Detection, Smart Diagnosis, Flood Protection and a Progress Indicator.

washsmart front loaderThe 8.5 kg WashSmart Fisher & Paykel WH8560P1 front loader

The WashSmart washing machine delivers all of the above features of the QuickSmart version, the following additional options:

  • Four more washing functions: Bulky, Allergy, Handwash and Super Quick (only a 15-minute cycle!)
  • Wrinkle-free option: Spend less time ironing!
  • Add a garment function: Lets you throw in that missing sock, just like when using a top loader.
  • 3 Soil Levels: Adjusts the machine’s wash time to suit the dirtiness of your laundry load.


Since Australia is a land of droughts and flooding rains, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to line-dry your clothes, even in the spring or summer.

This is where a condenser dryer, such as the Fisher & Paykel AeroXL, earns its keep.  By condensing the machine’s excess moisture into a tank to be drained away rather than venting it as steam, your clothes can be dried efficiently, and without your landry room resembling a tropical rainforest.

AeroXL condenser dryerThe 8kg Aero XL DE8060P1 condenser dryer

REMEMBER!  Condenser dryers CANNOT be wall-mounted!  They are too heavy!  However, the AeroXL can be stacked with a matching QuickSmart or WashSmart washing machine using a stacking kit (sold separately).

Here’s what Fisher & Paykel’s newest condenser dryer has to offer for you:

  • 11 Programs: Everyday, Heavy, Delicate, Easy Iron, Bulky, Rack Dry, Time Dry 30, Time Dry 60, Time Dry 90, and Air Dry.
  • 5 Dryness settings: Ranging from Damp, right through to Extra Dry, you can customise just how dry you want your laundry to end up to better suit your requirements (for example, it’s often easier to iron a garment that’s still a bit damp)
  • 4 Temperature settings: From High Heat to No Heat, this setting can better look after tougher or more delicate items.
  • Auto sensing: Detecting the moisture level of the laundry inside its drum, the washing machine adjusts its timer accordingly, to prevent overdrying and thus wear and tear on your clothes.
  • Automatic cool down: Once the drying cycle is completed, the dryer will spin for 10 more minutes while blowing cool air onto the laundry load, which helps to reduce creasing.
  • Delay start and Time remaining indicator: Helps to better organise your laundry routine around your daily schedule.
  • Stainless steel drum: Tough and long-lasting, while gentle on your clothes.
  • Drying rack: Mounting this in the centre of the drum allows you to gently dry those delicate items you can’t risk tumbling.
  • Interior drum light: Helps to make sure that no item of clothing gets left behind, even when the illumination in your laundry is less than stellar.

Available now

You can find these brand-new Fisher & Paykel washers and dryers, along with many other Fisher & Paykel whitegoods, all at Appliances Online.  If you need any help, feel free to contact us – we’re available 24/7!

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  1. Angus says:

    I bought these matching products and stacked them. The service from Appliances Online was flawless. I love having a large capacity dryer but can’t recommend this AeroXL to anyone. The drum doesn’t spin in both directions and my sheets always end up rolled into tight damp logs me that roll around inside the drum – hopeless and very disappointing.

  2. Margaret says:

    How often do you clean the drum in a smart washer

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