Alex Perry unveils Electrolux’s inspiring new laundry range

August 21st, 2013

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Proving that laundry really can be inspiring, yesterday Alex Perry gave a lucky audience a demonstration of Electrolux’s brand new front load washing machine and heat pump dryer.

“You should always dress like a gentleman,” was the advice Alex Perry’s grandfather gave him – and it’s advice that has stayed with him for life.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an internationally recognised fashion designer and television personality to look your best at all times. All you need is an Electrolux!

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It’s time to make the laundry room stylish

The laundry is probably the most neglected room in the house – even our bathrooms have been enjoying the attention of designers and artists for decades.

Aesthetics have a greater impact on our mood than we realise. If a room is pleasing to the eye, we will get more enjoyment out of time spent there. One of the reasons why so many of us hate doing laundry is because the laundry room – and the appliances within it – are ugly.

Electrolux has risen to the challenge of creating appliances that are not only highly functional, but also nice to look at. Behold!

Electrolux 9kg front load washing machine

Not bad eh? But it’s not just a pretty fascia.

The latest range of Electrolux Time Manager washing machines are packed with features that will make laundry not just easy, but enjoyable!

Huge capacitywashing machine front loader

The EWF14912 model gives you a whopping 9 kilo capacity – which is enough to fit a queen-sized doona, and then some.

Even better, it has sensors that will tell you how much weight it’s holding, which totally removes the guesswork.

It’s much more efficient to run your machine at full capacity, so Alex Perry recommends waiting until you’ve got enough for a full load.

Vapour Action

This is basically like steam cleaning your clothes. So if they’ve been in the cupboard for a while and have that musty smell, run them through the Vapour Action program to refresh the fabric.

This program is also great for getting wrinkles out of delicate garments, and for ‘freshening up’ clothes that have been worn once but aren’t necessarily dirty enough to go through another wash cycle.

Woolmark® Approved

These Electrolux washing machines have a Woolmark® Approved setting, which means you can get your woollens clean with complete peace of mind!

Five star water efficiency rating

All of this – plus it’s one of the most water efficient washing machines money can buy! Bonza!

Meanwhile, the new Electrolux Heat Pump Dryer ain’t too shabby, either…

Electrolux Heat Pump Dryer

Designed to care for your garments (rather than drying them into a stiffened crisp), this dryer from Electrolux is intelligent enough to prevent even the more careless launderer from ruining their own clothes.

It simply will not let you dry your clothes beyond a level that is sensible – which is also helps to save electricity. (Although, with a 6 star energy efficiency rating, who’s counting?)

At today’s demonstration, Alex placed a silk bridal gown inside this dryer (on a gentle setting) and it came out in perfect condition – not a thread out of place.

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(Dramatic re-enactment)

Available now!

‘So where can I get my hands on these fabulous appliances?’ you are undoubtedly asking.

Appliances Online, obviously! (You’ll pay a lot less than the RRP – plus we can deliver!)

See the new Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine in action, here:

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