How to stay warm this winter

May 20th, 2015

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No, we’re not making that same tired old “winter is coming” Game Of Thrones joke that every other winter-themed article has been making for the past five years. Winter is practically already HERE, so you need a way to stay warm, or preferably more than one, right now.

Here are a few of our favourite methods of staying warm in the winter months:

Use a heater

This is an obvious one, but still worth repeating. After all, heaters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with different designs being better suited to different homes and household situations.


Unless you’re living in a particularly chilly area, it’s unlikely that your heater will be in use through at least half of the year. Compact portable heaters are easy to pack away when not in use, while slim, low profile designs have minimal impact on your home’s décor.

Dimplex Electric Fire Heater SSE-E-LFDimplex Electric Fire Heater SSE-E-LF

One particular favourite is the Dimplex series of electric fire heaters, which uses a clever system of steam and lighting to create the illusion of a fireplace in your home. One of these would be a great addition to one of those old home renovations with a largely decorative fireplace – stick one of these in the gap, and complete the look, without the need to worry about, smoke, soot, or local council regulations!

Stay dry

In some parts of Australia, dropping temperatures can also mean increasing humidity levels, bringing rain and mist. Not only does this leave our homes feeling generally damp and miserable, but these can contribute to an increase in the spread of mould and mildew throughout our homes, which is not good for anyone, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

Mold on wall and ceilingsource: wikipedia

Mildew tends to thrive in places with plenty of moisture, where warm and cool temperatures regularly clash with one another– damp laundry rooms and bathrooms are common trouble spots.

One way to help minimise your home’s dampness, and therefor curtail the spread of mould and mildew, is to run a dehumidifier to extract the moisture from the air. This can help give your rooms a more crisp, dry feeling, which is not only a refreshing change during a wet winter, but can help contribute to maintain the overall health of your household.

Eat well

Never forget my Nana’s advice – most problems can be solved by a nice cup of tea.


Adding a high quality kettle to your kitchen can help keep the tea flowing, holding back the winter chills while you huddle indoors.

Morphy Richards Kettle & Toaster Pack 44737-43897Morphy Richards Kettle & Toaster Pack 44737-43897

Combining your kettle with a matching toaster can help you maintain a steady supply of warming comfort food while keeping your kitchen looking its best. After all, having your home LOOK warm, cosy and comfortable is often the first step towards having it FEEL warm, cosy and comfortable.

Rug up!

In addition to the “cup of tea” wisdom, some of the best advice passed to me by my parents and grandparents is that when it gets cold, your best option is to rug up warmly. After all, it uses much less energy than running a heater!

597px-Francesc_Masriera_-_Winter_1882_-_Google_Art_Project“Winter 1882” by Francesc Masriera

We tend to lose more heat from our bodies through our hands and feet, due to the number and size of the blood vessels close to the skin in these areas. So to stay warm this winter, your best bet is to slip your hands into your pockets and your feet into some winter socks.


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