Share your love this Valentine’s Day and win a Philips Juicer!

February 11th, 2014

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Pardon the pun, but we love Valentine’s Day here at Appliances Online.  And also appliances!

In past years we’ve:

This year, we’ll be showing just how much we love ALL OF YOU by offering you the chance to win one of four Philips Juicers this Valentine’s Day!

Why the Philips QuickClean Juicer deserves your love:


Philips QuickClean juicers deliver 2.5L of juice at once, using a powerful 1000W motor to extract the maximum amount of juice.  The extra-large feeding tube means there’s hardly ever any need for pre-cutting (just drop whole apples down the chute!), and all the pulp gets collected in a clear container for speedy disposal.

Speaking of speed, these juicers incorporate QuickClean technology such as an electropolished sieve, meaning it can be cleaned in as little as one minute!  Designed with smooth surfaces (no nooks and crannies where pulp can collect) and constructed from easy-clean materials, the juicer’s removable parts are also dishwasher-safe for more convenient cleaning.

The juicer even comes with a recipe booklet full of inspiration to get your imagination going!  What’s not to love?

So how do I win one?

It’s easy!  Just follow these three steps:

1. Get online:

Oh wait, if you’re reading this, you’re already online.  Well, go and visit the Appliances Online Twitter or Facebook page.  If you don’t already follow us, start now!   We’ll be accepting entries from the 13th of February!

2. Complete the following poem:

juicer comp poem

3. Wait and see if you’ve won!

We’ll be picking two winners per day, on the 13th and the 14th of February.  Winners will be notified via email before being announced by Appliances Online on Valentine’s Day.


So put on your thinking caps and get creative this Valentine’s Day for your chance to win a Philips Juicer from Appliances Online!  You too might soon be enjoying a luxurious treat of a drink, prepared with love and affection…

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