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Heat Pump Dryers – Are They Worth The Money?

February 20th, 2018 by

Clothes dryers - it’s a love-hate relationship. Shrinkage, poor energy use, wet clothing... Let’s face it, they’re a bit notorious. Other than occasionally tossing something in in a hurry, those of us that own one probably use it less than we’d like to. There must be more efficient dryers out there? Yes - and the answer is heat pump dryers. What is a heat pump dryer? A heat pump dryer ... Read more


February 15th, 2018 by

Dishwashers are a staple appliance in the Australian household, and to good reason. They’re vastly cheaper than age-old hand-washing, for a start, and their convenient, energy-efficient features save you and your family significant time and effort. But like any appliance, dishwashers aren’t perfect. Without a little maintenance to keep them running smoothly, you might end up with a few funky smells. Or worse… a musty, watery mess ... Read more

Style meets substance: what you need to know about integrated dishwashers

January 19th, 2018 by

What is an integrated dishwasher?   An integrated dishwasher (also known as a built-in or built-under dishwasher) is designed to match the rest of your kitchen cabinetry. Integrated dishwashers fit beneath your counter top and provide a neat, flush finish to your existing decor. They often allow for a fitted, custom cupboard door that conceals the dishwasher when the appliance is fully closed. Unlike freestanding dishwashers, which can be ... Read more

Your Guide to Portable Air Conditioners

January 8th, 2018 by

Summer’s heating up, and if you’re anything like me, coming home to a mild sauna isn’t on your bucket list. The flexibility and convenience of a portable air conditioner could be just what you need for cool comfort. Portable air conditioners come in different sizes to suit different scenarios and cooling needs, so there's an option out there for everyone. But with so many conflicting reviews available online, we've ... Read more

Juice your way to a healthier summer

December 1st, 2017 by

With the first days of Summer upon us, there's nothing quite like a crisp, freshly-made juice or smoothie. More than being a delicious energy boost, juices and smoothies are a fast and effective way of upping your daily nutrient intake; a nutritious go-to that takes minutes to prepare and enjoy.  With that said, they can be deceptively high in sugar, making them closer to a rich dessert than a ... Read more

How an Aussie family slashed their electricity bill by $183 per quarter

August 22nd, 2017 by

Working parents John and Lea were faced with a common dilemma. Energy prices had risen sharply, and they were really starting to feel the pinch. They were spending less and less quality family time together, and more and more time trying to make ends meet. They had to find a way to reduce their energy costs. Their power bill had recently skyrocketed to $2,656 per year John and ... Read more

Your complete guide to the most efficient, effective heater

August 2nd, 2017 by

Heating your home in winter doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. All heaters cost money to run, of course... But some are cheaper than others, and some are particularly efficient in certain types of spaces. But how do you find the ‘right heater’ for your unique space? With such a wide range of options available, choosing the most cost-effective and efficient heating can ... Read more

Meet the set-&-forget device that will slash your power bills

June 30th, 2017 by

In 2015 our CEO, John Winning, hopped into an Uber and met a man named David Soutar. It was a meeting that would change the world. Yes that’s a big call, but when you hear the story, we think you’ll agree it was a pretty auspicious encounter... It all started with a revolutionary idea David Soutar’s the fella with the glasses in the photo above. He wasn’t driving the ... Read more

Bright and beautiful colour – experience the new range from Samsung and LG

May 23rd, 2017 by

Bright and beautiful colour - experience the new range from Samsung and LG By its nature, TV technology never sits still. Inevitably we ask ourselves: what is the real difference this time around? Do we really notice these changes? What is really new? And yes, within the complicated jargon appliance companies like to use, there are real differences. In order to better understand the benefits to you (and ... Read more

Dehumidifiers: more than a bit of hot air

February 23rd, 2017 by

With humidity an all-year-round issue in Australia, dehumidifiers have always been useful in our climate. But with ever-changing and unpredictable seasons in recent years, their benefit to your health and wellbeing only continues to increase. Why is a dehumidifier good for your health? Small, safe, and generally economical with their energy use, a dehumidifier is a great addition to the home and family. And not just for reducing ... Read more

Summertime with JBL & Harman Kardon- new product alert!

December 19th, 2016 by

What is summer?   Summer is the luxuriant flesh of soft, ripe mangoes. Summer is platters of freshly-caught seafood seasoned of natural brine. Summer is the warm wind that ruffles your hair on an afternoon drive. Summer is spending time by the beach with friends. Summer is music. And who better to soundtrack your summer than JBL and Harman Kardon? Available in a beautiful range of summer colours, the JBL and Harman Kardon ... Read more