Bright and beautiful colour – experience the new range from Samsung and LG

May 23rd, 2017

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Bright and beautiful colour – experience the new range from Samsung and LG

By its nature, TV technology never sits still. Inevitably we ask ourselves: what is the real difference this time around? Do we really notice these changes? What is really new?

And yes, within the complicated jargon appliance companies like to use, there are real differences. In order to better understand the benefits to you (and why you should seriously consider upgrading), we’ve broken them down for you below.

One feature common to both LG and Samsung’s stunning new range of TV models is the inclusion of HDR format compatibility. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the latest picture enhancement feature in TV technology. It’s cheaper and easier to produce than 4K content and promises to be one of the next big visual shifts in our march towards attempting to reproduce the clarity of real-life perception (this is what we’re trying to do, right?!)

HDR format makes colours more realistic and image quality more vibrant, while accentuating the whitest whites and blackest blacks to sharpen the overall picture. In other words, it gives your images that extra WOW factor, with a more dynamic, much brighter colour that pops.

To give you an idea of the difference; standard TV and Blu-Ray content are generally displayed at around 100 units (the standard measurement of brightness in TVs), whereas many HDR screens present at around 1000 nits peak brightness. That translates to approximately 10 times the brightness of colour for a very vivid experience, as the image below illustrates:


Whether watching high-intensity films, music or sports, or subtle content such as documentaries, this makes a huge difference to how we appreciate the visual content.

Netflix is leading the charge for streaming services with plenty of HDR content now available, and many Ultra HD Blue-Rays are available in HDR. In a world seemingly saturated with new technology every month, this is a feature for the future. (Bear in mind that the content itself needs to be in HDR format to appreciate this stunning format).

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the new TVs in the range to give you some idea of the quality on offer. Our feature Samsung model from the new range is the Samsung QA55Q7F 55 Inch 139cm Smart Ultra HD QLED TV, which you can view in all its glory right here.

Samsung QA55Q7F 55 Inch 139cm Smart Ultra HD QLED TV

I can hear you groaning already – QLED?! What???

QLED translates as Quantum Dot LED. In a nutshell; a layer of quantum dots, which are super-tiny nanocrystals that emit their own colour, is placed over the LCD TV’s LED panel. According to Samsung, this produces 100% colour volume and over a billion colours. Which is not only a remarkable standard to set, but presents a huge jump since last year’s models.

In terms of real difference to you; the QLED format is extremely similar to the sort of technology filmmakers use in creating their high-end display, so it promises a level of detail quite unlike anything else. Your favourite TV shows, documentaries and high-intensity action films will be transformed as you’ve never seen them, and more closely to how the director intended them to be shown.

Couple this with the HDR format we talked about earlier, and it makes for a very impressive picture quality indeed, with fewer reflections and better viewing angles. It’s bright and beautiful and, perhaps best of all, comes out of the box without the need to necessarily make a lot of changes. A built-in light sensor also helps to detect room light levels and adjust the TV’s overall lighting automatically for you.

Samsung has designed their TVs to be beautiful to look at and simple to setup, too. With a neat, slimmer and sexier style, they’ve been refined to look better from the back to the front. Setting it up and connecting to your devices is simple, fast and responsive, as the TVs identifies new devices and guides you through the process.

LG have also come to the party with their own brand new series of beautiful Super UHD TVs, with the LG 55UJ752T 55 Inch 138cm Smart 4K Super UHD LED LCD TV our feature model for the range. Click here to take a closer look.

LG’s Nano Cell technology has been specially developed to absorb surplus light sources in your room, improving the accuracy and quality of colour, with the added bonus of wider viewing angles for those sitting around the screen at awkward angles. The effect of excessive ambient light around the screen is also reduced, providing a clearer picture quality. Source:

To prepare and futureproof you for the incredible quality of content being developed, LG’s TVs are stocked with plenty of features to make full use of the HDR format, with active HDR enhancement and support for future HDR formats such as the industry-leading Dolby Vision and Technicolor.

You’ll also appreciate the benefit of audiophile-quality audio thanks to inbuilt Harman Kardon speakers. Among the very best audio brands around, and involved in both mid and high-end audio industries, there’s a clear and noticeable difference in sound quality which you’ll really appreciate watching high-intensity programs.

Thanks to an excellent onboard operating system, LG have built a reputation for making the whole process of setting up and access your TV features so much easier. While they’ve kept the general feel that many have come to know and love, LG has added extra features Magic Link and Magic Zoom, which provide instant recommendations and a TV zoom function respectively.

Two of the industry’s market leaders in proven picture quality, this new TV range from Samsung and LG promises not only superb, refined picture quality and brightness, but ensures you’re set up for the future with a range of new and exciting features.

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