The spin cycle just got stylish: SMEG launches new laundry range

October 1st, 2013

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SMEG washing machine Australia

Breaking news! Leading appliance specialist SMEG has just launched a brand new laundry range! Delivering high energy and water efficiency, sophisticated wash programs and super quiet operation, these new generation washing machines and clothes dryers are set to take the appliances world by storm.

As you know, SMEG is already a world-leading brand in cooking and kitchen appliances – combining technology with style in a way that makes everyday life not just easier, but more pleasurable. Which is why you can rely on SMEG’s range of washing machines and clothes dryers to be easy to use, and also easy on the eyes!

Let’s take a closer look at the new range of SMEG washing machines, and what makes them special:

SMEG washing machine SAW7514Cold water wash cycles

Consumer research has shown that most Australians (74% according to the ABS) prefer a cold water wash, which is the most energy-efficient option. SMEG has embraced this preference by providing 15 cold wash options for each of their washing machine models, with a mix of cycles suitable for heavily soiled loads, woollens, denim, cotton, delicates and synthetics.

Quiet operation

Feedback from consumers has also shown that noise is a key consideration when buying a washing machine – particularly for those  who run loads after midnight to take advantage of off-peak energy rates. (Or for those of us who keep unusual hours). To keep noise to a minimum, these SMEG washers feature three-phase brushless motors which are low maintenance, energy efficient and exceptionally quiet.

They also carry noise supression filters, a suspended polycarbonate drum, and ceramic wool insulation.

Suitable for washing any kind of fabric

SMEG washing machine SAW816-2-1549No matter what kind of fabric you’re washing, your new SMEG washing machine will take care of it. The wool wash cycle, for instance, has been tested and approved by The Woolmark Company. Meanwhile, these washers also include programs specifically designed for shirts and blankets, plus the option to create a tailor-made wash program to suit every type of fabric.

This is in addition to other convenient features such as an extra-wide door, out-of-balance correction, five-stage water safety technology, a delay start option, a child lock and an optional stacking kit for use with clothes dyers.

…Speaking of which, SMEG has also released a mean, green clothes dryer:

New SMEG heat pump dryerSMEG heat pump dryer SAHP7-3-1551

SMEG has created a heat pump dryer with a capacity of 7kg and 20 specialised programs that cater to a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, denim, wool, delicates and synthetics.

While traditional vented clothes dryers blow hot air onto the clothes (which is then vented either into the laundry room or through the window), this SMEG dryer uses heat pump technology to re-use of the hot air, which in turn increases energy efficiency by around 45%.

These dryers also use sensor technology, which means that the dryer will stop operating once it senses that the clothes are dry.

Available at Appliances Online!

SMEG’s gorgeous new range of washing machines and clothes dryers are available nationally at Appliances Online! Give us a call on 1300 000 500 if you need any further information – we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year!

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