Our five favourite features of Beko’s smart appliances from IFA

September 11th, 2013

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At Berlin’s IFA Expo, top home appliance brands have been introducing a wide variety of new products, designed with innovative new features that offer solutions to household problems that we may never have known we had.

Beko is one such brand – following the motto “Smart Solutions for a Smart Generation”, several of their new designs are chock-full of exciting gadgetry that could make your life at home a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Here are our top five appliance features from Beko’s IFA offerings, in no particular order:

SteamTherapy in Beko washers and condenser dryers

I’m sure that we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve had a load of laundry that wasn’t quite fresh enough to wear again, but wasn’t entirely dirty, either.  For example, while last week’s business shirts may have been free from stains or marks, we still sweated in them, and the scent of the smokers at the bus stop may still have been clinging to them.

Wrinkled-ClothesReally not as bad as they look.

But putting these garments in for a complete wash and dry cycle can seem somewhat wasteful, when you consider that they only really need a light freshening up, not necessarily a thorough deep-cleaning (not that one would hurt, mind you…).  Plus, a complete cycle takes a long time, which is no good if there’s something you particularly need to wear right now.

beko steamtherapy ifaThe Beko SteamTherapy display at IFA

So Beko came up with the SteamTherapy treatment, which can be used in selected Beko washing machines and condenser dryers.  Using refreshing wafts of steam, odours and light soiling can be managed in as little as twenty minutes, leaving your garments freshened up and ready for wear.

As a bonus, these machines can often be set with an Easy Iron or Anti Crease mode, to further reduce the overall amount of time spent on looking after the laundry.

IndyFlex+ cooking zones on Beko induction cooktops

We won’t go through the fine details of induction cooking again for you.  After all, we’ve been though it at length previously, and we’re quite confident that it’s awesome.

beko hii_68600_ptx

So we were pleased to find that Beko has worked out a way to further improve on this innovative cooking appliance.  Its latest cooktops include eight different cooking zones, which can be combined to form larger zones that accommodate you bigger pots and pans – think Voltron, or a whole set of those combining Transformers.

beko hii_68600_ptx 2

Imagine finally being able to use that impractically large cookware that a well-meaning but clueless relative dumped on you last Christmas!  And do so with the precise heat control that induction cooking is renowned for!

Wash@Once for Beko dishwashers

You know how some dishwashers come pre-loaded with a whole range of different wash programs, designed to treat your different cutlery, crockery, cookware and more the kind of attention it deserves?

It’s a great idea in theory, but think about it – we don’t always get the luxury of running a dishwasher loaded with just one type of item.  To save time, space, and water and energy, it’s often more commonf for us to stack a whole range of different items into a dishwasher.  Using a default wash setting on one of these mixed loads might do a pretty average cleaning job on the lot, while using a specialised mode may give a few items a great clean while neglecting the rest.

Dishwasher-too-fullGet OUT, Rover!

That’s why Beko developed Wash@Once (or “Wash At Once”, for those of us who still talk all proper like yeah?) – a special wash program that allows heavily soiled pots and pans to share dishwasher space with delicate glassware, and for everything to get well-washed.

beko ifa 2013 dishwashers

To put this into practise the new Beko dishwashers apply a gentle water pressure in the upper basket of the dishwasher, so glass and expensive porcelain can be gently cleaned. In the same washing cycle a 60 percent higher water pressure is used in the lower basket – ideal for cleaning dried food remnants and heavily soiled plates, pots and pans in the lower part.

Home Cream in Beko fridges

It was hard to choose a favourite feature from the many Beko fridges appearing at IFA.  We were impressed by the Active Fresh Blue Light technology that lets green vegetables to continue the process of photosynthesis from inside the fridge, as well as the EverFresh temperature and moisture control, and a door-mounted touchscreen that effectively functions as the kitchen’s own tablet PC to access recipes, notes, web browsers, internet radio and photo albums.

beko ifa 2013 fridges

But our favourite has to be the Home Cream function, found in the DN16222DJIZX above, which is the fridge’s own built-in ice cream maker.

Yes, you read that right.  This fridge lets you make your own ice cream.

surprised patrickMIND.  BLOWN.

According to Beko, this refrigerator is equipped with an ice cream bowl in a separate chilled area, where you can mix and chill fresh fruits and other ingredients directly into home-made ice cream, with no artificial additives or ingredients.

Sounds pretty sweet to us.  Geddit?

Hygienic deep-cleaning of clothes at 20 degrees with a Beko washing machine

Especially when your household is filled with small children and people with allergies, it’s important to ensure that your clothes get the most thorough and most antibacterial clean possible.

Stop the spread of germs by cleaning your air conditioner

However, some washing machine antibacterial clean settings involve washing in water that’s been heated to the approximate temperature of molten lava, which is not always great for your clothes.  More than one garment has gone into an antibacterial wash kinda germy, and come out pristine and hygienic, but four sizes too small.

beko ifa 2013 washers

So Beko have worked out a means of giving the laundry a hygienic antibacterial deep clean at a temperature of just 20 degrees C.  According to Beko, the technology has already been certified by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE), and protects clothes from a whole range of different allergens and germs, including E.Coli, S. Aureus bacteria, Candida Albicans and Aspergillus fungus.

These are just a few of the many smart appliance features from Beko that have appeared at IFA 2013 and are expected to appear on the market in the months to follow.

While you wait, here’s a video from Kev and Mike, our men on the ground in Berlin, including their report on Beko’s presentation from Day One of the expo:

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