Bosch brings design and functionality together in new incline rangehood

May 8th, 2012

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There is often a lot of hot air spoken about the difficulty of combining sleek design with functionality in kitchen appliances.

But Bosch has attempted to literally blow that away with the presentation of its new incline rangehood.

The latest design, showcased at EuroCucina in Milan, features a glass cover over a brush stainless steel surface which conceals the usually exposed fan filters.

The panel then drops down to act as an integrated splash back screen, and raises up smoothly thanks to an energy efficient motor.

Mattias Holmer, product manager for Bosch, told Appliances Online: “It’s all about having design with an integrated function.

“Instead of having the normal inclined hoods where you see the filters all the time, now instead you see a nice, ever-polished, surface.”

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For more on the eye catching incline rangehood from Bosch, click on the video below:

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