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Palsonic Appliances Company Background

Representing outstanding value and quality, Palsonic is a proudly Australian owned and operated company. With more than 50 years of experience, they have grown to become a prominent figure in the competitive and dynamic electric appliance market.

Initially formed in 1958, Palsonic began life as a domestic sewing machine importer – but soon began incorporating televisions, audio and cooling products into their product range. With their greatly reduced prices, Palsonic was one of the primary suppliers that made buying a black and white TV in the 60s an affordable option for many Australian consumers for the first time.

And with the introduction of colour – and later with the advent of flat-panel technology like LED and LCD – they continued to make innovations by making high-quality television accessible to the greater public with budget pricing.

They are now renowned as an exemplary high-technology manufacturer – producing a superb range of audio and visual entertainment equipment.You’ll find an excellent range of Palsonic products at Appliances Online, each one representing an affordable, reliable yet innovative home entertainment solution. Amongst their TVs, you’ll discover options to enjoy the enhanced image quality of LED technology, units with integrated DVD players, and more. Meanwhile, a Palsonic Hi-Fi System will dish out huge sound without the accompanying huge price tag.

Every product that comes with the Palsonic name has been designed, built and thoroughly tested for Australian operation – and all are backed with Australia-wide service and spare parts. Check out the range of Palsonic products at Appliances Online for more information!


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