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The science of dishwashers vs handwashing

September 15th, 2015 by

You may have heard it said that washing dishes in a dishwasher is actually more water-efficient than washing by hand. This statement is fairly controversial, as anecdotal evidence tells us that washing by hand puts you in complete control over how much water you use. Plus, a dishwasher’s much bigger than a sink! So let’s look at the science – in this case, a study undertaken by ... Read more

How to beat hay fever – a Spring cleaning checklist

September 10th, 2015 by

Spring is here! That's good! Hay fever is also here! That's bad. If soaring pollen counts leave you doubled over in sneezing fits at this time each year, here are a few quick tips on how to minimise the seasonal impact: DON'T open your doors and windows This advice may sound like sacrilege, as Spring is  the traditional season to let fresh warm air in and sweep out the winter ... Read more

The Appliances Online Ultimate Fridge Buying Guide

July 29th, 2015 by

Buying a fridge but not sure where to start? Our buying guide is here to help you make an informed decision, whether you're after a fridge to feed your family, or somewhere you can store your food and drink for parties. Contents What size fridge do you need? Will it fit? Energy Efficiency How to choose an energy efficient fridge What is the most energy-efficient fridge design? Our favourite features of energy-efficient fridges Running your ... Read more

Another appliance FAQ

July 15th, 2015 by

Do you have appliance questions?  We have appliance answers! Sit back as Appliances Online tackles a few of the curlier appliance questions: Is fabric softener bad for your washing machine? Not always, but it can be. source: Mike Mozart on Flickr While fabric softener is great for reducing fabric stiffness, frequent use can lead to its chemicals building up in the workings of your washing machine, or even wrecking the rubber ... Read more

Vacuum Suction: What to do when your vacuum won’t suck or has lost suction?

July 10th, 2015 by

Why do vacuum cleaners lose suction? There are quite a few possible reasons. If your vacuum doesn't run as well as it used to, before you invest in a new model, go through this handy checklist: Check the vacuum cleaner bag: Vacuum cleaner bags collect all the dust and dirt collecting for bagged vacuum cleaners. These bags are designed so that air flows out of them but the dust ... Read more

How to wash anything – handling tricky laundry

July 8th, 2015 by

Do you own a few special items of clothing that you can’t just toss in with the rest of your laundry load? These are usually those really nice things too, the ones that are the most expensive and the most difficult to replace. So what if they get dirty?  What then? Fear not, loyal reader.  Though the night be dark, Appliances Online be delving into the darkest depths ... Read more

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances the Easy Way

June 12th, 2015 by

So you went with the stainless steel finish in your kitchen to capture a modern-industrial look, but the years of use have left their smeary mark across the appliances…? It's a common problem, and many methods and applications requiring elbow grease seem to smudge rather than clean. Luckily then, a bloke (or more accurately a franchise set-up) by the name of Mr. Appliance is on hand to guide ... Read more

How to stay germ-free at home

June 2nd, 2015 by

Something’s in the air. Not love, but something just as catchy. GERMS. Yes, with winter having rolled around again, Australian workplaces are being inundated with the sounds of discreet sniffles, honking nose-blowing, stifled coughs and incredulous cries of “what are you doing at work? Go home before you infect us all!” But we’re not even safe, in our own homes. Whether you share your home with family or flatmates, ... Read more

Life Hacks: How To Keep Your Appliances Clean

April 29th, 2015 by

Has grease and grime taken a grip of your kitchen? Here are our Top Tips for freshening up some of your most used home appliances. Fridges: One of the most frustrating products to clean in the kitchen is the family fridge. You have to slide out the shelves, dig into the many crevices and corners, and empty the compartments of food you forgot you had. So to cut the ... Read more

A new age of home cleaning – win free cleaning or a robot vacuum!

November 14th, 2014 by

Today’s blog post comes to us courtesy of Airtasker, a community marketplace for people to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn money. The majority of the population still use traditional cleaning methods that have been around since the 1950s, such as handheld vacuum cleaners. But home cleaning is undergoing revolutionary change and bringing us into a new era of digital home cleaning.  Here's ... Read more

How to spend ZERO time cleaning – win a free cleaning for a year!

November 11th, 2014 by

Today's blog post comes to us courtesy of Airtasker, a community marketplace for people to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn money. Did you know that on average you spend 200 hours per year cleaning? That’s the equivalent of watching the movie Titanic 62 times or going on 145 flights between Sydney and Melbourne. While neither the Titanic nor flying that often may ... Read more

Cleaning with steam – how to freshen up your clothes

October 22nd, 2014 by

Many of us only use the most basic functions of our washing machine and dryer.  Even though many modern laundry appliances incorporate a wide range of special features and unique washing and drying modes, why mess around with what works? But perhaps one day it's worth taking the gamble and trying out that unusual wash setting or drying mode that's been sitting unused on your appliance's control ... Read more

Spring has Sprung! Our top tips for Spring Cleaning

September 8th, 2014 by

Ah, Spring.  It's finally here. Time to finally put that perfectly-prepared Spring Cleaning plan into action! What's that?  You didn't make a plan? You might want to sort something out about that soon, or before you know it, you’ll have put off spring cleaning for another year, leaving your home to choke up with dust and grime. Don't panic - Appliances Online is here to help.  Here are our top ... Read more

Smarter ways to do the dishes

August 15th, 2014 by

As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder”.  While there is a certain nobility in hard work and labour, there’s also usually a better way to get any job done. Source: Wikipedia Here are a few simple tips for saving time and effort when it comes to washing up the dishes after a good meal: Clean up as you cook Everyone has a different cooking style, but it's not ... Read more

Appliances for Entertaining

August 13th, 2014 by

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or having your mates over for the grand final, a few well-chosen appliances can make a big contribution to your evening's success. Here's a selection of handy appliances for entertaining - before your guests arrive, while you're entertaining them, and when they've left: Pre-Party Appliances Freezer for ice No matter the season or time of year, chances are your ... Read more