Spring has Sprung! Our top tips for Spring Cleaning

September 8th, 2014

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Ah, Spring.  It’s finally here.

Time to finally put that perfectly-prepared Spring Cleaning plan into action!

spring has sprung

What’s that?  You didn’t make a plan?

You might want to sort something out about that soon, or before you know it, you’ll have put off spring cleaning for another year, leaving your home to choke up with dust and grime.

dusty library

Don’t panic – Appliances Online is here to help.  Here are our top tips for spring cleaning, along with ten of our favourite cleaning appliances to help you get the job done:

Make a plan

To channel/paraphrase the character of Sphinx from the film Mystery Men, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Completely cleaning even a small home from top to bottom isn’t something you can accomplish by just “winging it”.  You’ll need a bit of organisation to give your home the kind of cleaning attention it deserves.

cleaning shower

Break down the different jobs that need to be done in each room of the house, and organise them by priority.  For example, always sweep before you mop, so you dont end up pushing a lot of dusty muck around your floors.

Be realistic – try not to squeeze too much work into a single day. Give yourself plenty of time to get everything spotless without going completely mad.

cleaning radius

Always use the right tool for the job!  It’s no good trying to clean dusty cornices and tops of bookshelves with a standard upright vacuum, and cleaning the living room carpets with a handheld vacuum will take far too much time and effort.

Useful appliances

Bissell’s carpet washers are just the thing for completing your spring cleaning. After vacuuming, they will wash out the ground-in dirt that vacuum cleaners miss, for a better overall clean.

Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DC35MULTIFLOOR

Dyson’s Multifloor handheld vacuum is a handy appliance for all manner of odd jobs, such as removing cobwebs from tricky corners, and dusting other obscure spots throughout the home.

For straightforward cleaning of your living room carpets, the Vax Bagless Vacuum Cleaner VCP6B2000 combines strong suction with a lightweight design, offering excellent value for money.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Cat & Dog Expert S6320

Delivering the signature quality you expect from Miele, the hardworking and powerful Miele Vacuum Cleaner Cat & Dog Expert S6320 is a particular favourite of pet owners (hence the name). A handy “Change Dustbag” indicator provides the gentle reminder you need to always enjoy optimum performance.

Dyson Barrel Vacuum Cleaner DC47MULTIFLOOR

It’s hard to go past a Dyson when you’re after a high-quality vacuum cleaner. With cyclonic suction for power, and the manouverability of the Ball design making it simple to clean around and underneath furniture, the Dyson Barrel Vacuum Cleaner DC47MULTIFLOOR’s proven quality is worth the investment!

Volta Upright Vacuum Cleaner U3282AVZ

If you prefer the classic design of an upright vacuum, the Volta Upright Vacuum Cleaner U3282AVZ offers you the kind of power and performance you expect. Reliable and affordable, this vacuum is rugged enough to handle the big jobs.

Clean your rangehood!

Don’t take your hard-working rangehood for granted!

Sure, your rangehood helps to keep your kitchen clean and free from grease and smoke, but carrying out this often Herculean task for extended periods often leaves the appliance in a pretty grubby state.

french fleur de lis range hood

Keeping your rangehood clean not only helps to improve the appliance’s performance, but also to extend its overall lifespan and reduce any fire risks due to grease build-up.

Electrolux Canopy Rangehood ERCE9025BA

We went through how to clean a rangehood in our earlier blog of the same name, but the salient points are;

  • wipe down the stainless steel body;
  • remove the aluminium filters to clean with degreaser, and;
  • if you have recirculating rangehood, replace the carbon filters periodically.

Useful appliances

Don’t think that a Bissell steam mop is only useful for cleaning hard floors – using a flexible hose attachment, this appliance can clean and sanitise almost any household surface, including cutting through grease on the rangehood!  The lack of harsh chemicals is also a great bonus.

Maintain the cleaning rage!

Don’t make the same mistake I keep making year after year, and congratulate yourself for completing your cleaning job by relaxing, letting yourself go, and making a huge mess all over again.

It’s especially important to keep your home neat and tidy when there are allergy or hay fever sufferers in your home.


Use an air purifier (often built into many modern air conditioners) to help keep your home’s air free of dust and other allergens.

Useful Appliances

Robotic vacuum cleaners are sometimes criticised for not having the same kind of suction power as a full-size machine. That said, if you use a full-size high-powered vacuum for tackling the winter’s built-up dust, a robotic vacuum is ideal for maintaining your home’s cleanliness on a day to day basis, with practically no effort on your part, preventing this dust from building back up again.

Black & Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum DV1610-XE

Black & Decker’s classic Dustbuster can be useful for getting into tight spaces during spring cleaning, but it really shines when spot cleaning and dealing with small surprise messes in an otherwise clean home. Keep one of these handy and charged in case you ever need to take care of grots in a hurry.

Bissell’s smaller carpet washer works on the same principle as its larger cousins, but the compact design is perfect for getting rid of small liquid stains before they have a chance to set.

Spend more time cleaning, less time shopping!

With Appliances Online, all of your favourite spring cleaning appliances can come to you!

Browse through our extensive range of cleaning appliances, and once you’ve found what you need, enjoy our free next day delivery to metro areas and selected regional centres!

Mark joined Appliances Online in November 2011 and has since learned more than he ever expected to know about appliances. He enjoys looking for new and unusual ways for to solve everyday problems using typical household appliances. When he’s not toiling at the desks of Appliances Online and Big Brown Box, he tries to find time to write the next big bestseller and draw satirical cartoons, but is too easily distracted by TV, music and video games. Mark’s favourite appliance is the Dyson Groom Tool, as he loves the concept of vacuuming your dog. Google+

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