Seeking the perfect sandwich – quick tips for better sangers

October 26th, 2015

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Seeking the perfect sandwich

“Can I share with you my worldview? All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.” – Elizabeth Miervaldis “Liz” Lemon

The humble sandwich doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. It’s not often considered a “proper” meal, but rather the quick n’ dirty replacement for one, as per its mythic origin as the invention of a gambling-addicted aristocrat.

Chicken_sandwich source: Tmannya on Wikimedia Commons

Creating the perfect sandwich is both an art and a science. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create the ultimate sandwich (or banh mi, taco, po boy or other similar equivalent):

Basic bread

A mighty castle cannot stand without a solid foundation, and you can’t make a good sandwich using poor quality bread.


Simple store-bought loaves may be convenient for the everyday lunchbox, but when crafting a sandwich for the ages, you’ll want some of the good stuff from your local baker. Or, you can make some yourself!

Consider toasting

Ever wondered why toasted sandwiches always seem that little bit better than the untoasted variety?

Sunbeam Sandwich Press GR8250BSunbeam Sandwich Press GR8250B

It’s partially a matter of texture – the crunch of a toasted sandwich is definitely satisfying – but the warm and crusty surface of a toasted sandwich will also help create a barrier against moisture from the fillings, protecting you from soggy bread.

Spreads and you

Sandwich spreads such as butter, mustard or mayo may add flavour to your sanger, but they can also help to keep it from getting soggy.

bread and buttersource: Calgary Reviews on Flickr

The oil content of some sandwich spreads helps to create a water-resistant barrier, so that your fillings remain moist and your bread stays crisp and dry.

Balancing the fillings

Yes, fillings, plural. One filling simply isn’t enough.

Banh_mi_assemblage source: Candleabracadabra on Wikimedia Commons

You’ll want to include a selection of sandwich fillings with flavours and textures that clash, but also complement one another.

Food blog A Smart Mouth recommends the following guideline for selecting your fillings:

  • Something Crunchy
  • Something Moist
  • Something Savoury

The perfect example is my personal favourite sandwich ever, the BLT – the lettuce is Crunchy, the Tomato is Moist, and the bacon is Savoury.

Making a BLT sandwich with avocado and basil mayonnaise source: Joy on Flickr

Combine to form the perfectly-balanced essence of pure flavour, with a multi-layered texture as well.

BLT med pommes frites source: cyclonebill on Flickr

So experiment! And sandwich well, friends.

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