Where in the world is the Appliances Online Legend Blimp?

June 25th, 2015

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Have you recently spotted an interesting airship moving through the Australian skies?


Do you remember seeing it a while back and are wondering where the heck it’s gone? Do you have no idea what we’re talking about, and wish that we’d get to the point?

What is the Appliances Online Legend Blimp?

More accurately described by aviation enthusiasts as a non-rigid airship, the Appliances Online Legend Blimp or Lightship is the largest (and only!) blimp currently flying in the southern hemisphere.


Built by the Van Wagner Airship Group, the Legend Blimp is 11 metres wide, 13.4 metres tall, and 39 metres long. To put that in perspective, it’s approximately the length of three buses, parked bumper to bumper. Five Appliances Online Lightships stacked on top of one another would equal the height of the Sydney Opera House.

Why “Lightship”?

light ship

The term “lightship” has nothing to do with the blimp’s weight – instead, it refers to the two powerful 1000 watt lightbulbs situated inside the balloon, which can illuminate the Legend Blimp for night-time flights.

Are there people in the Legend blimp, or is it a drone?

The Legend Blimp is a piloted aircraft, and is not remotely controlled.

legend blimp crew

While there’s normally only one or two staff aboard the gondala during flight, the Legend Blimp’s 13-strong crew includes two qualified pilots, two licensed aviation mechanics, a crew chief and a clerk, as well as ground staff that includes watch keepers and ground crew.

Is the Legend Blimp safe?

Of course it is! We wouldn’t fly it, otherwise.

Before you start crying out “oh the humanity!” remember that the Legend Blimp is inflated with helium, not hydrogen, so it’s completely non-flammable.

blimp storm

For the safety of our pilots and ground crew, the Legend Blimp team keep a close eye on the weather, and if rain, storms or strong winds are on the forecast, the Legend Blimp stays grounded.

Where has the Legend Blimp been?

melbourne blimp view

The Legend Blimp was initially inflated in October 2014, and had its first test flights around Melbourne and its surrounds.

It wasn’t until December 2014 that the Legend Blimp had its official launch, celebrated on Sydney harbour.

Since then, the Legend Blimp has had quite few adventures – it has made circles around Sydney, returned to Melbourne via Canberra and Albury, and made its way back to Sydney before winging (blimping?) its way northward…

newcastle from a blimp

…to Newcastle…

coffs harbour night

…Coffs Harbour…

port macquarie from a blimp

…Port Macquarie…

brisbane cbd

…and Brisbane.

Where is the Legend Blimp right now?

To avoid straining your neck from watching the skies all day, check out the Appliance Online Blimptracker to know when this majestic aerial conveyance will be passing over your area.

What should I do if I see the Legend Blimp?

  • Take a photo! Take a video! It doesn’t matter if it’s on your phone or a camera. We’ll also accept Polaroids, scribbled sketches, and impressionist paintings on canvas, though we draw the line at interpretive dance performances.
  • Share your pictures! Stick ‘em up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Tag us in! Use the #legendblimp hashtag to ensure that we spot your photos.
  • Get free stuff! Each week our team picks a favourite photo or video of the Legend Blimp and sends the lucky photographer a $100 Appliances Online Gift Voucher as thanks for being so very legendary. Terms & Conditions apply.

Keep watching the skis! I mean, skies…

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