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March 18th, 2014

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When shopping online, reviews can be a real lifesaver.  After all, when you haven’t seen a product or experienced a service in person, the opinions of people in the know can count for a lot.

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But this is The Internet, where nobody knows you’re a dog – how can you be confident that the ratings and reviews which influence your decisions are the real deal?

To help provide you with peace of mind, today we’ll be taking you through where the reviews on Appliances Online comes from, why you can be confident in their accuracy, and how they can help you select the best appliances for your home.

How we collect reviews at Appliances Online

Every time a customer makes a purchase from Appliances Online, two weeks later we send them an email to check how they’re going.  This email also includes an invitation to write a review of their new product and leave a star rating of its performance.

There’s no obligation for the customer to reply, but if they feel like it, they can immediately send us their feedback regarding the product and our service.

Mother with baby.“Okay Junior, let’s rate our new oven.”

All of these product ratings and reviews are collected by Feefo, an independent customer feedback agency.  As our reviews are all handled independently, we have no opportunity to edit or change their ratings or content in any way.

With Feefo’s help, we publish the reviews we collect on our site, both on the individual product pages and in our Reviews section. We publish both the good reviews and the bad, so all of our customers are provided with the information they need to make an informed decision.

This means that whether you’re considering a specific appliance, or just browsing our site in search of the best products, reviews from our customers can help to guide you to the right appliances to suit the needs of your home.

Why our reviews are reliable

Considering that on some other reviewing websites, all you need to leave a review is an internet connection and an email address, it’s possible for their ratings to be skewed by anything from spambots to pranksters and unscrupulous users, meaning you can’t always rely on their accuracy.  Often, you can’t even guarantee that a reviewer has actually USED the product or service in question – you need to put a lot of trust in their honour!

Appliance TheftsArtist’s impression of an unscrupulous user

Because every review and product rating found on Appliances Online comes from one of our customers, who has not only bought but used the product in question, you can be confident that they always consist of real opinions you can trust.

Where can you find our reviews?

The simplest way to find product reviews at Appliances Online is on our product pages, located among the tabs beneath the product image, showing what other Appliances Online customers thought of their purchase. You can also find the product’s star rating next to its price.

appliances online reviews location

You can also find a large number of reviews from across all of our appliance categories at the Appliances Online Reviews page.

reviews page banner

This page can be a helpful resource when choosing an appliance, as you can browse through the reviews sorted by product type or brand, letting the real opinions of real customers guide you to the perfect appliance to suit the needs of your household.

So next time you’re thinking of buying a new appliance online, make a smarter choice by getting the best advice from reliable and accurate customer reviews at Appliances Online.

Mark joined Appliances Online in November 2011 and has since learned more than he ever expected to know about appliances. He enjoys looking for new and unusual ways for to solve everyday problems using typical household appliances. When he’s not toiling at the desks of Appliances Online and Big Brown Box, he tries to find time to write the next big bestseller and draw satirical cartoons, but is too easily distracted by TV, music and video games. Mark’s favourite appliance is the Dyson Groom Tool, as he loves the concept of vacuuming your dog. Google+

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