Dishwasher Tablets – Should You Use Them?

February 10th, 2010

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Dishwashers Tablets - Use them with Machines like this Haier.A lot of us now buy dishwasher tablets instead of powder detergent, however, most of us probably don’t know why they are a better option for Australian households.

The benefits of these compressed detergent tablets stems from the strict water restrictions enforced across Australia. Manufacturers have considered these water restrictions as a key factor and designed their dishwashers to be produced for the Australian market accordingly.

Dishwashers sold in Australia typically use less water per cycle than a similar model sold in another country. This means there is less water for the detergent to dissolve in and this is where the benefit of dishwasher tablets kicks in. Tablets effectively ensure that a consistently correct dosage of detergent is used every wash, something that is nearly impossible using powdered detergent. Dishwasher tablets also create the optimal level of foam in your dishwasher during a wash compared to the powdered products which often create too much. Too much foam can cause problems with the water level sensors and heat sensors and ultimately decrease the life of your machine.

Problems with dishwashers relating to detergents tend to hit your pocket a lot harder as well. A service call will often be required and these cost around $100. By using dishwasher tablets and eliminating the problems caused by incorrect detergent levels one can potentially fix their dishwasher with a simple reset which takes only 5 minutes when problems arise.

When considering which brand of tablet detergent to buy, most manufactures recommend Finish or Morning Fresh. There are a lot of cheaper and better options on the market, as these tend to have a high detergent level in each tablet thus creating the same problems that powdered detergent provides.

The Finish and Morning Fresh brands make dishwasher tablets with optimal detergent ratios designed to reduce foam build up and prevent issues caused by ‘detergent overdosing’.

Use a quality brand dishwasher tablet for each cycle and avoid potentially expensive call out fees!

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