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September 25th, 2013

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Okay guys – a couple of great reasons to talk about BBQs right here.

Firstly, we’ve just launched an awesome new BBQ brand at Appliances Online: Weber. These guys are to the art of barbecuing what Rembrandt is to painting pretty pictures. It’s in the ol’ DNA.


Secondly, thanks to global warming, Summer is here ahead of schedule – which means it’s time to grab the tongs, invest in some hefty pieces of meat, and invite the mates over. Then get ready to stand around the BBQ like you kinda know what you’re doing.

In order to help you achieve BBQ ecstasy, we’re going to give you a few game-changing, life-enhancing tips which will turn you into the backyard guru. We’ll start by advising you to check these guys out:


Weber BBQs

A leader in the world of outdoor cooking, Weber have one of the best ranges of Barbecues and Barbecue Accessories in Australia. With a fantastic Weber BBQ, you’ll be able to cook up a storm in style, with old favourites becoming sensational mouth-watering masterpieces.

The Weber range derives its industry-leading quality from the way it incorporates design experience and innovation with premium manufacturing.

Weber’s history of excellence

Actually, Weber’s excellent reputation goes way back – it was firmly established with the Weber “Kettle”, a legendary cooker delivering on the promise of fabulous flavour easily attained by budding backyard chefs.

The key to this classic design was a lid that allowed smoke to be convected around the food, imparting an incredible flavour to the meat.

Cooking with Weber – the quality difference

This innovation has been incorporated into their renowned “Q cooking system”, which is why products in the renowned Weber “Q” series of BBQs – now available at Appliances Online – are operated (even when grilling a steak or snag) with the lid down. The ultimate BBQ flavour is thus created … the meat is being branded by the hot iron while being infused with barbecue smoke.

And there are a host of other great features ensuring your barbecuing achieves gourmet standards with a minimum of fuss. Case in point, the cast-iron grill incorporates a protective roof section situated directly about the Q-shaped gas burners, delivering fat-free cooking minus the flare-ups.


Meanwhile, cooking with the lid not only seals in the flavour and eliminates fat-spitting, it also conserves the amount of gas expended. In fact, Webers all consume less than half of the gas used by an ordinary four-burner gas barbecue.

Weber provides a range of choices catering to multiple requirements, with different sizes available, options with (and without) trolleys, and the choice between LPG and Natural Gas as a fuel source.

Quality, meanwhile, is at the heart of the Weber culture. Their products, including the Q range, are made from the highest grade materials, extremely robust and designed to withstand the elements all year round.

Investing in a Weber is a definite way to take your outdoor cooking up a notch.

More tips to get the best BBQ results

In the spirit of barbecuing excellence, here are a few (in our opinion) essential tricks of the trade to give your skills a boost this summer:

• Make sure you get to grips with the difference between Direct and Indirect Grilling … and know what suits what.

The Direct method provides heat to the food directly from the hot flames. It’s best for foods that cook-quickly – thin, tender stuff – like steaks, chops, fish, veggies etc.

The indirect method offers slower cooking times with reduced heat. You’ll be positioning the food away from the flames (eg if you have a 2-burner, place it over the unlit burner) and keep the lid down. This will allow slow and even cooking of tougher stuff: like whole chickens and turkeys, prime rib, and denser vegies such as potatoes.

• Keep it clean and well-lubricated (the grill, we mean).

Clean up the grate with a stiff wire brush (don’t rely on pre-heating to burn the residue away), and use the tongs to smear the surface with a paper towel dipped in oil. Oh and pre-heating is a must. Preferably make sure you fire things up before your guests arrive … not only will you have a delicious smell wafting about the place – you’ll also have the BBQ primed for action.

How to avoid BBQ Flare-ups

• Prepare the meat well. Particularly if you’re direct grilling. Thinner are slices are best: helping you achieve a even cooking throughout the meat. On that subject, make sure you give the cut a chance to defrost and get to room temperature prior to cooking.


• When barbecuing, don’t poke and prod around with yer meat too much. Only turn once or twice – and when doing so, use your tongs to do so. You don’t want to puncture your snag or its fat will drain away and it’ll dry out. On the same subject, don’t press burgers with your spatula. You don’t want to squeeze the juices out of ’em onto the fire.

Don’t overcrowd your grill. Leave at least 30 percent of the cooking surface free so you have somewhere to move things in case you get flare-ups.


Don’t stoke the fire with extra fat. Unless you want a good-portion of charcoal, make sure you drain the meat of excess marinade – and trim fatty meat.

Let the meat “rest” once it’s been cooked. Leave it to sit for a short while. It’s about letting the muscle fibres relax and take back the juices.


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