Yamaha MusicCast – how to give your home its own personal soundtrack

January 11th, 2016

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Digital music can be a real sanity-saver.

Rather than carting around thick wallets of CDs (hey, we all used to do it back in the mid-90s), you can keep hundreds of songs stored on your handy smartphone, tablet or laptop.

800px-Cakebox_100_collageAThough if a CD wallet wasn’t handy back in the day, these things would do in a pinch…

And by subscribing to streaming music services, millions more songs can be accessed at any time, and from any place.

But while your handheld devices may be convenient, their audio quality tends to leave much to be desired.

Many musicians and producers have laboured for hours on creating the perfect audio mix, only for all their hard work to be wasted when their masterworks are played back on tinny phone speakers.

Neil_Young_-_Per_Ole_HagenPoor audio quality makes Neil Young sad (image: Per Ole Hagen on Wikimedia Commons)

Hooking up some decent speakers should be simple enough solution, but wirelessly linking two incompatible pieces of electronics together can be an exercise in massive frustration.

Graphophone1901It was a real pain to get this thing onto the Cloud.

While the low-tech route of just plugging the devices into one another may sound simpler, it does rely on having the right type of cables and connectors handy.  And even if you succeed, you’re still stuck with only being able to play your music on the one device, in the one place.

All this is why Yamaha developed the MusicCast system – a simple and convenient way to enjoy your choice of audio on high-quality speakers in any room of your home.

Here’s how it works:

  • A wide range of Yamaha’s audio equipment, including sound bars, wireless speakers, AV receivers, and home theatre systems, is compatible with the MusicCast system, conveniently allowing all of your devices to communicate via your home’s wireless network, with no need to snake cables all over your house.
  • By installing the free MusicCast app on your compatible smart device, you can control any of these compatible audio devices from the palm of your hand. And as MusicCast is also compatible with Bluetooth and AirPlay, you can also easily access or stream high-resolution music and other media to and from other devices and sources around your home.
  • With wireless access to both your music and your audio devices, you can play any of your songs on any of your devices around your home, at any time. Lay down a tune of your choice in one room at a time, or demand that your housemates share your obscure musical tastes by blasting your jam in EVERY room at once. Or, turn your house into a mini-nightclub by playing a different genre in every area, creating a pop room, a heavy room, a high-energy room, a chillout room and so on.

So if you want the simplicity of digital music, the clarity of high-quality audio, and the convenience of wireless networking, the Yamaha MusicCast system is what you’ve been waiting for.

musiccast diagram

By putting control of audio throughout your entire home in the palm of your hand, you can finally live the dream of having your own personal theme music play every time you enter a room, just like a professional wrestler… Though this only gets better if your theme is recited by William Shatner:

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