Cats in strange places: appliance edition

May 28th, 2012

Appliance Talk

If there’s one thing the internet is lacking, it’s pictures of cats.

In an attempt to rectify this imbalance, I henceforth present to you: photos of cats where they do not belong. (Author credit:

Cats and fridges

get out of there cat. i know that it is hot outside but that doesn’t mean that you can have whatever you want in the fridge. that’s my basil.

get out of there cat. i told you i’d buy you more milk if i used yours. you don’t need to measure.

get out of there cat. midnight snacks are not acceptable in this house. especially since our grocery bill mysteriously doubled.

get out of there cat. you are not an ice cube you are a cat.

Cats and sinks

stop that cat. you don’t know how to use a sink properly.

get out of there cat. you are blocking the drain.

Cats and washing machines

get out of there cat. i know i say that you feel like a cat-shmere sweater but you can clean yourself. you can’t put cashmere in a washing machine anyway.

get out of there cat. you don’t need to tumble dry.

get out of there cat. dryers are not a good place for a kitty. i know that you do not want wet laundry thrown on your head.

Cats and dishwashers

no thank you, i do not want you to eat up the food scraps.

get out of there cat. i cleaned the dishwasher yesterday. there are no food remnants for you to scavenge.

Cats and toasters

get out of there cat. i just cleaned out the crumbs from back there so there is nothing for you to nom.

Cats and cooktops

get off of there cat. that is my mac and cheese.

Cats and coffee machines

no cat. that is not how you make coffee.

…and just when you think it might be easier to get a dog:

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