Top 5 features from TCL’s 2016 TVs

May 2nd, 2016

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TCL‘s 2016 TV range has been designed to help you easily enjoy all kinds of entertainment at home, from movies on disc or USB, to streaming TV from Netflix!

Here’s a run down of our 5 favourite features from the 2016 TCL TV range:

Black Crystal Display

The Black Crystal display panels found in the latest TCL TVs use a hard coating system to reduce the amount of reflection on the screen from natural and artificial light sources.


Black Crystal Displays not only cancel out annoying glare, but also provide consistently crisp and clear visuals in stunning ultra high definition resolution!

Black Crystal Displays can cut down diffuse reflection to 0%, reduce light reflection by 90% and raise contrast by as much as x10 times. Wowzas!

Wide Colour Enhancer

Who wouldn’t want to live a colourful life? TCL’s Wide Colour Enhancer expands the TV’s colour spectrum, which intensifies different shades to provide truly natural colours.

wider colour

Not only that but it helps to always keep the TV’s motion smooth

Connectivity and Streaming

The built-in Wi-Fi found in TCL TVs makes it so much easier to get them connected to your home’s wireless network and linked up to your other electronics, providing access to all manner of online entertainment, including streaming services such as Netflix!


With Netflix built-in to your TCL TV, you can subscribe to watch thousands of new and classic TV shows and movies at your fingertips. If you’re a subscriber to the Netflix service, you can watch as much TV as you want, whenever you want! Duvet Day anyone?

TCL also offers their very own streaming service called GoLive, which delivers free to air TV channels from all over the world into your lounge room using nothing more than your Internet connection. Hundreds of channels are available, and the numbers are growing all the time.

Curved Option

TCL’s curved Ultra HD and Full HD TVs deliver unparalleled viewing experiences, as they provide their watchers with a greater sense of depth and immersive viewing action – perfect for those action movies and sports!


The curved TV provides a wider field of view, which helps to eliminate distortion, and greatly reduces the reflection of ambient light.


The Quad Core Central Processing Unit & Graphics Processing Unit (or as we call them – the “inside bits of the TV”) allow the TCL range of TV’s to work at their optimum without comprising on picture quality and operation speed.


The TV can operate faster and more efficiently because different cores look after different functions – making multitasking easy on any TCL TV. It ultimately enables you to watch fast moving images in amazing clarity while performing background tasks.

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