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TCL Appliances Company Background

One of the six largest television producers in the world, TCL offers very affordable ways to enjoy the best technology around. With high-quality LED and LCD technology preeminent in their output, TCL is renowned for their dynamic and vibrant entertainment solutions.

TCL started life in 1981 as a joint venture between several Hong Kong-based investors. Based in Southern China, they were amongst the pioneers of cassette tapes and later, after they had entered the telecommunications market, launched the first cordless telephone product in the country.

Embracing the ethos encapsulated in their slogan “TCL: The Creative Life”, they strive to upgrade and enhance their operations, using innovation to deliver new technology and products into the competitive home theatre market. With seven research and development centres and 30 manufacturing centres globally, they are able to create innovative products that build on the expertise of scientists and engineers all over the world. As a result, they’ve positioned themselves at the forefront of flat-panel TV development, as one of the pioneers of Smart TV technology and High Definition screen imagery.

Since 2004 they've been meeting the needs of Australians locally with the formation of TCL Electronics Australia. They invested time, energy and money into getting to grips with exactly what the Aussie marketplace wants and needs and are positioned to deliver with high-quality products. The range of TCL products at Appliances Online represents a way to enjoy the fruits of this innovation and technological know-how – and all at very competitive prices. Amongst this excellent selection, you’ll find options to enjoy Full High Definition clarity and lustrous colour, immersive 3D content, and built-in PVR functionality. And by purchasing a TCL product from us, you’ll not only be making a great investment in quality and value – you’ll also enjoy excellent customer support and service.


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