Samsung’s sensational wireless appliances: connectivity on the go

July 10th, 2013

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Samsung-Appliance-AppFor those folk in a perpetual race to keep up with the warp-speed pace of life, Samsung are doing their bit to give you a little control.

They’ve launched a few products offering a quantum leap in flexibility and functionality … thanks to the wireless capabilites of wi-fi enabled technology.

Download an app to a portable smart device (available separately, peeps!) for remote control of your appliance. A smart way to operate your appliance whether you’re in or out of the house.

Keep track of your washing when you’re rushing about, crank up the heat in your home BEFORE you get in the front door,  and trouble-shoot for technical solutions quickly and easily.

Piece of mind is a piece of cake.

What have they got on offer?

Wi-Fi Washer/Dryer:

Discover the ability to monitor your washing’s progress, minute by minute, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. It’s possible with this Washer/Dryer combo with built-in Wi-Fi…samsung-washer-dryer-combo-wd10f7s7srp-medium

You can get remote notifications about what cycle your machine is up to and how much time is left – then get the low-down when your load is finished. Which will help you manage your time and your clothes without endless return trips to the laundry … and (just about) make doing the laundry awesome.

All you need is an internet connection, then download the free app from the Playstore or iTunes. Not only will you get a whole bunch of awesome functionality, you also get the ability to quickly and easily access trouble-shooting tips online (should they arise).


It ain’t just a remote possibility. It’s a remote actuality, dudes.

801l-samsung-wi-fi-4-door-fridge-srf800wgdls-mediumA Wi-Fi Fridge:

“A wi-fi, what-the…?” – you’re probably thinking.

Actually it’s a pretty incisive and diabolically ingenious idea. How so? Well, the fridge is the centre of the kitchen, therefore the centre of the home.

It’s the place around which all life revolves – it’s a source of sustenance, inspiration and comfort.

It’s also invariably the place you stick notes, bills, invitations and other reminders under magnets. Aaaaand, it’s also the spot from where those bits of paper disappear because your magnets aren’t strong enough.

Well, the touchscreen on the front of the Samsung 801L 4-Door Fridge represents a compact, convenient and dynamic interface. Helping you keep track of a variety of household activities which would otherwise get lost in the crazy whirlwind you call existence.


Check out the fridge organisational apps:

Memo pad: – for important reminders.

Google Calendar: helps organise the household schedule – you can set up the fridge with crucial reminders. Nearest n’ dearest’s birthdays, anniversaries, and when you should probably take the humus out of the fridge before it mutates and takes over the house.

Epicurious: Login for loads of great recipes and ideas. Via the intuitive touch screen, check out an amazing amount of recipes, search by the type of ingredient you have in your fridge. That makes sense when you’re desperately short of inspiration and ingredients.

A Wi-Fi Air-Conditioner

Samsung Smart Series™ air conditioners give you increased control – which is good news for those of us sick of the way that pesky “climate change” has given us so many extremes to contend with.


These reverse cycle air conditioners are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing the user to control the air conditioning unit via their compatible smartphone or tablet whether they are in or out of the house.

• At home

Sync your compatible Smartphone up to your home’s network and it becomes another remote control.

A remote control, please note, which doesn’t need the line-of-sight … so, imagine if you’re bustling about downstairs doing all the chores on a hot summer’s day – well, you can casually flick on the air-conditioner in the bedroom upstairs so when everything’s done, you’ve a lovely cool spot to lie back and chillax in!

• In the big wide world

Using your compatible phone, you can now control your Air Conditioning unit when you’re out on the town. Remember suddenly you forgot to turn it off? Well, if you’re on a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network, you can turn an air-con from the Samsung Smart Series™ off virtually wherever you are.

On your way home, you can check in to see the current room temperature, then set your air conditioner for the perfect warm/cool state … ready and waiting for you on arrival.

Samsung’s Wi-Fi enabled appliances add an exciting new element of functionality and convenience to your life. Check out Appliances Online for great offers and on these (and many more) innovative products!

Richie is a Sydney based writer with sophistication, flair and hair. Aside from blogging and writing for Appliances Online and Big Brown Box, he is also a new playwright who had his first play, ‘The Local’ performed last year at the Sydney Fringe Festival. He is also the wicketkeeper for the Gladstone Hotel Cricket Club and his favourite appliance is any 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System that can be delivered to his house free-of-charge in the near future. He was the lead singer of Van Halen in 2002. Google+

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  1. EricGlare says:

    That all sounds very nice for the future but I would just like to be able to connect my Samsung Galaxy S3 to my sound system like iPhone uses have been doing for years -directly on the dock or even a cable would be great.

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