Eye-catching TimeLight on Bosch dishwashers ‘improves planning around the kitchen’

May 9th, 2012

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A more precise time management display system has been launched by Bosch in its fully integrated dishwasher range.

The TimeLight function, unveiled at Milan’s EuroCucina, shows the exact remaining time when loading and unloading, without the need for a visible control panel on the front of the appliance.

Details about the remaining time, which programme has been selected, and what phase the cycle is on, are projected onto a 40 X 40mm space on the kitchen floor.

Bosch claim the display allows for better kitchen appliance planning, and is a progression from their current red InfoLight system on premium dishwashers, which simply advises whether the machine is running or not.

The new white light was selected so show up on all floor surfaces, including white, stone and wood, and a statement from Bosch said: “TimeLight is also much more than just an eye-catcher: It offers households in which exact time management is a high priority, the opportunity to plan better – without sacrificing the aesthetic benefits of a fully integrated dishwasher.”

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For more on the new TimeLight function from Bosch, click on the video below:

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