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LG Front Load Washing Machines

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LG Front Load Washing Machines

Featuring the latest technology combined with water-saving features and an intuitive design, a LG front-load washing machine will make it easy to get the laundry done. Save water and get the laundry done with less effort with a beautiful new LG washer from Appliances Online.

The Direct Drive motor has a 10 year warranty (2 years parts and labour + 8 years on direct drive motor parts only) which provides peace of mind that your washing machine is built to last. Unique to LG, the Direct Drive motor is also quieter and produces fewer vibrations, which improves stability and reduces wear and tear on moving parts.

LG front load washing machines make efficient use of water while getting your clothes thoroughly clean. This makes a LG washing machine an eco-friendly choice, and it could also help to reduce your water bills. Additionally, load sensing technology will ensure that no water, energy or detergent goes to waste.

Choose from a range of wash programs to get optimum wash results. No matter what you're washing, your LG will handle your garments with care, removing stains while minimising wear and tear on your clothes. Selected models also feature LG's unique Turbo Drum System which revolves the drum in the opposite direction to the pulsator for an improved washing performance.

The Pause & Add function is perfect for adding an errant sock to your load, while the Baby Care cycle washes at 60°C and rinses at 40°C. Plus the powerful spin cycles will quickly eliminate moisture from your clothes, reducing drying times.

Upgrade your washing machine today for a great price at Appliances Online, Australia's largest online appliance retailer.

LG combine performance, functionality and design into their range of front load washing machines. They deliver a top quality and highly reliable range of products that promise to deliver great results everytime.

LG front load washing machine features

LG washing machines have multiple wash programs

LG washing machines allow you to access multiple wash programs at the touch of a button, or spin of a dial. So whether it’s a quick wash, delicates, or stubborn stains simply press the button and your LG front load washing machine will do the rest of the work for you.

LG washing machines are equipped with a child lock

No longer must you worry about your child changing the spin, temperature of the wash or opening the door; with LG washing machines a child lock has been equipped to ensure protection to your washing and your family.

LG washing machines are equipped with a delay start option

The delay start option gives you the freedom and convenience of being able to wash a load at off peak energy rates, or time the wash so that it finishes when you arrive home, or finish another task around the house, this means your washing does not sit in the machine for an extended period of time. LG washing machines wash clothes at a time that suits you, for a time frame up to 24 hours in advance.

LG washing machines are equipped with a wide digital display and electronic controls

The controls and the digital display are easy to use and understand. Not only are the controls easy to use, you can make quick adjustments whilst the wash is underway to ensure you are getting your desired wash results.

LG washing machines save on energy and water usage

Most of LG’s front load washing machines have a 4 star water consumption rating and can operate on an economy mode to conserve energy as well. This means that LG washing machines are not only saving you money, but they are also helping conserve the environment, whilst still delivering a quality wash result.