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Haier Front Load Washing Machines

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Haier Front Load Washing Machines

Not only are Haier washing machines good looking and reliable, they deliver the latest technology for an affordable price. Haier believes you shouldn't have to pay a fortune for quality appliances, which is why the Haier brand is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Australian consumers. Well-designed and easy to use, a Haier front load washing machine is an excellent investment for busy families.

One of the most important considerations when buying a new washing machine is water consumption. The less water your washing machine uses, the lower your water bills. Plus you can rest assured knowing that you're doing your bit for environmental sustainability. Fortunately, all Haier front-loaders have excellent water ratings, which is especially good news if you have a large household and do a lot of laundry.

The delay start is a handy option, as it allows you to run the machine at a time that is convenient to you. Some people prefer to run their washing machines late at night so they can take advantage of off-peak energy rates, and wake up to freshly cleaned laundry.

Also useful is the large door opening and 170 degree door hinges, which makes your life easier when loading bulkier items such as towels, blankets, and sportswear. No matter what kind of fabric you're washing, there's a wash cycle to suit your needs - from silk to cotton to wool. Plus the wash results are always impressive.

These large capacity washers help you to get more laundry done with every load, saving time and resources. Enjoy living the Haier life with one of these top quality front-load washing machines.

Haier has a range of front load washing machines to suit any household. Both of these options have great features that help you to achieve spectacular wash results every time and come with a minimum of a two years warranty to ensure you’re happy with the choice of your Haier front load washing machine.

Haier front load washing machine features

Haier washing machines have 5 or more wash programs

Haier washing machines have all the wash programs of the top loader with an additional few on top, including a delicate wash, and an easy iron option. This means that you can customise your wash to your load with Haier washing machines.

Haier washing machines feature electronic controls and an LCD display

Haier washing machines are made easier with an LCD display that show how long is left in the wash and what you have selected, along with electronic controls that are easy to use and understand.

Haier washing machines have a 30cm, 180 degree opening door

The large door and the 180 degrees of opening angle means that you can load and unload your Haier front load washing machine with the greatest of ease and no more missing those items that you can not see on all the small door models.

Haier washing machines have an anti-mildew door seal

This door seal prevents the build up of mould and mildew so that your clothes stay clean and fresh rather than damp and mouldy. This is just another example of how Haier helps your clothes last longer.