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500 1100
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540 1150
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596 690
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$630 $8899
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60 132
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Gas Upright Ovens/Stoves

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Appliances Online specialises in selling the best quality gas ovens and gas stoves with big brands like Freestanding Upright Chef Gas Ovens and Freestanding Upright Westinghouse Gas Ovens at the very best prices.

A gas stove is a great investment for anyone who appreciates fine dining. Browse the range of freestanding gas ovens and stoves available at Appliances Online to find a cooker that suits your kitchen dimensions and your cooking style.

Gas cooktops make it easy to achieve professional cooking results simply by adjusting the burners. At a glance you'll be able to see how much heat is being applied, which is a great help when it comes to preparing delicious high-heat and low-heat dishes. Most gas cooktops provide a choice of at least four burners in varying sizes for preparing anything from stir-fries through to b?chamel sauce.

Some of the best cooking conditions for roasts, casseroles and stews can be generated by a gas oven. The main benefit is that gas ovens produce a moist heat which is perfect for cooking succulent roasts. What’s more, gas ovens take less time to preheat, which is ideal for time-poor cooks.

Gas ovens and cooktops of standard and larger sizes can be found at Appliances Online, with brands including ILVE, Westinghouse, Euromaid and many other major names in home cooking. If you fancy a gas oven but don’t have a natural gas connection in your kitchen, some models can be fitted to run on LPG gas by a licensed technician. Our buying guide can help answer any questions you may have about which oven is best for your home.