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500 1100
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850 1168
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596 675
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$579 $8319
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55 145
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Electric Upright Ovens/Stoves

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Freestanding Electric Ovens & Stoves

Appliances Online specialises in selling the best quality electric ovens and electric stoves with big brands like Chef, SMEG, ilve and Westinghouse Freestanding Upright Eletric Ovens at the very best prices.

Electric stoves and ovens offer a convenient and safe cooking choice for the modern kitchen, offering control and reliability to home chefs everywhere.

Electric cooktops can be found in three different varieties – electric hotplates, flat ceramic surfaces, and ultra-modern induction stoves. While electric hotplates are simple to clean, ceramic cooktops go a step further and offer a smooth surface that can be wiped clean in a single sweep. Induction cooktops go one better and use electromagnetism to directly heat your cookware without heating the surface itself – an innovation in safety.

Electric ovens generate a dry heat that results in spectacular baked goods, with crispy crusts and fluffy centres. Offering careful and precise temperature control, you’ll be able to manage the preparation of any dish using one of these electric ovens. They are also suitable for installation in any kitchen, which is great for when gas isn’t an option.

Appliances Online keeps a full range of upright electric ovens in stock at all times, including household names such as Falcon, ILVE, Westinghouse, Euromaid and more. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you sort through the specifications and find the model of electric oven and stove that best suits your home and your lifestyle.