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Finish Colour
Width (mm)
595 754
Height (mm)
590 888
Cut Out Width
765 765
Depth (mm)
566 572
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Price Range
$829 $2820
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Oven Volume
69 110
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600mm Gas Wall Ovens

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Westinghouse Appliances
Westinghouse Ovens

Westinghouse brings a range of ovens with great features and great style to suit any household, they have been designed with the customer in mind and the Westinghouse ovens provide a practical, functional, effective, efficient, durable and quality product for any household kitchen.

Westinghouse oven features

Westinghouse ovens have a large capacity

Westinghouse ovens offer a range of sizes to suit any household’s requirements, Westinghouse ovens range from an average 84L capacity up to a huge 164L capacity.

Westinghouse ovens have a separate grill

Selected models of Westinghouse ovens have a separate grill, this ensures that your oven is even more practical and you are able to grill items whilst baking, or grill separately without needing to use and clean the whole oven.

Westinghouse ovens are easy to clean

Any unnecessary joints and crevices have been removed, to reduce the build up of grime and mould, this ensures that your Westinghouse oven stays hygienically clean, cooks food properly and doesn’t contaminate any other items that might be cooked or baked.

Westinghouse ovens have triple glazed doors

The triple glazed doors used on Westinghouse ovens keeps the exterior of the oven cool and safe to touch, whilst insulating the interior temperature at an optimal level while using as little amount of energy to maintain the desired temperature.

Westinghouse ovens have lift off oven and grill doors

Westinghouse ovens give you the ability to remove the oven and grill doors to improve the easiness of cleaning your Westinghouse oven and grill. A hygienic oven and grill means better tasting and healthier food.

Westinghouse ovens contain smokeless grill inserts

The smokeless grill inserts that accompany Westinghouse grills ensures that any fats produced during cooking drain into the grill dish. This reduces the risk of smoke and fire and ensures healthier cooked meals.

Westinghouse ovens have a child lock system

Incase your oven is in a place where children can still access the controls of your Westinghouse ovens; Westinghouse has installed a child lock system to ensure you can rest at ease. The system turns the cook top, grill and oven off and puts them safely on standby until you are ready to unlock and use them again.

Westinghouse ovens have a fingerprint resistant finish

The stainless steel models of Westinghouse ovens are finished with a protective coating that is resistant to fingerprints, this ensures that you spend more time cooking with your oven rather than cleaning it.

Westinghouse ovens come with top service

Westinghouse comes under the Electrolux brand, which pride themselves on providing speedy delivery, excellent home service and quality spare parts. If something malfunctions in your Westinghouse oven, you can trust the people that know it best.

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Built-in ovens offer plenty of space for cooking without taking up a lot of bench or cupboard space. Using gas to great advantage, Appliances Online's range of gas wall ovens will make it easy to prepare succulent roasts and other great meals.

At 600mm wide, these full-sized oven cavities allow you to feed many mouths by preparing large portions all at once. Gas heating saves time on preheating, and produces a moist heat that’s ideal for meats, stews and casseroles.

All the best brands in integrated gas ovens are available at Appliances Online, including Westinghouse, ILVE and other top names, so you can rest assured that your cooking is in good hands. Remember that your wall mounted gas oven will need to be vented outside to prevent gas build-ups in your kitchen.

For all the information you need about the selection of gas wall ovens available from Appliances online, visit our buying guide.