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Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel DE50F56A2 5kg Dryer

  • 5 kg
  • White
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Product Description

Also known as the AeroLogic™, this vented clothes dryer from Fisher & Paykel will provide a convenient means of getting your washing dry when line-drying isn’t practical. With a 5kg capacity, this machine is suitable for many different-sized households. The dryer’s unique Quad Fin system helps to dry your clothes faster and more evenly, using extra drying fins to continuously move clothes around the drum in an unfixed pattern. To keep your garments from getting tangled and twisted, the dryer regularly reverses the tumbling action, which also helps to reduce creasing. Venting exhaust heat and moisture through a rear exhaust pipe makes your drying more efficient and prevents condensation from building up inside your laundry. To save space in your laundry, a wall-mounting kit is included with this dryer, giving you more room to move around while you wash and dry your clothes.

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Efficient drying

Efficient drying

Are you sick of taking your dried bundle out of the dryer to find everything has tangled and bunched together? With the reverse tumbling action in the Fisher & Paykel dryer, it alternates clockwise to anti-clockwise, to free up the garments, while also drying quicker and more evenly.

Unique and smart

Unique and smart

Say goodbye to hot spots and damp spots in your laundry caused by fixed pattern tumble drying. Dry your garments faster and more evenly with the quad fin system design, which rotates and propels garments from the front to the back of the drum in a continuous 360° movement.

Automatic cool down

Automatic cool down

Once your load is dry, the Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 senses this and automatically starts a 12 minute cool air cycle. This airing process helps reduce creasing in the garments during the tumble, while also making ironing simpler.

Space Saver

Space Saver

If you have limited space in your laundry room you will be glad to know a wall mounting kit is included with this dryer, making it simple to fit this machine into a small space.

Key Specifications

Finish Colour
Suitable For
2-4 People
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Default Door Hinge tooltip-427798
Depth (mm)
Stackable tooltip-427935
2 Years
Warranty Note
Parts and labour

Water and Energy

Energy Star Rating
Energy consumption


Number of Cycles
Anti Crease

Smart Features

Time delay

Other Features

Features -
  • Rear venting
  • AeroLogic Series dryer
  • Lint filter
  • Time dry
  • Timer controls
  • Reverse tumbling
  • Wall mounting kit included

  • Dimensions may not include door or control panel
    Model Number
    Dryer Features (Reverse Tumbling Action)
    Rear Venting
    Mountable Dryer
    Dryer Controls
    Wall Mounted
    Dryer Categories
    Interior Drum
    Stainless steel

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    "Exactly how I like it"

    My parents told me they bought a new dryer online from AppliancesOnline. I was amazed because they never buy anything online. When we needed to replace our washing machine we looked at the prices of our local stores and I then decided to check AppliancesOnline. AOs price was $10 more than our local store but it included free delivery, free installation and free removal of the old machine. They were able to deliver it the next day. Amazing. The instructions for delivery were very clear and detailed. Exactly how I like it. None of this "it will get there when the it gets there". They arrived on time and installed it cheerfully. I had one issue. The website failed three times (Internal Server Error) so I had to call the 1300 number. Colin answered within 30 seconds and was very helpful. It was easier to do the transaction over the phone than the Internet.
    John , Cornubia, QLD

    "Can't stop bragging about finding you"

    Delighted with product and speed of installation while I was away and my dad who arranged it all can’t stop bragging about finding you
    Trisha , Taringa, QLD

    "Exemplary----price, customer service, communication"

    On December 26 I ordered, on line, a Fisher and Paykel dryer at a low price. On December 28 I received a call advising that delivery was scheduled between 10am and noon on December 30. On December 30 I received a call confirming delivery. At 10am on the same day, our existing dryer miraculously came back to life! I called your company and, somewhat hesitantly, asked if our order, which was already heading our way, could be cancelled. “No problem” was the reply. I then asked if there would be a fee. “No”. I then started to write a diary not to check in a couple of weeks that our payment had been credited back to us. Whilst doing so, I received an email from PayPal advising that the credit had been made! Every aspect of your company’s service was exemplary----price, customer service, communication. We are very impressed. If only service half as good as yours was the norm as far as Australian companies in general are concerned, doing business would be a breeze! Thank you all so much.
    Lee , Hope Island, QLD

    "Saved me at least $80 off the cheapest deal"

    Guys I wasn't sure where to leave feed back but I just had to. This is the best ever deal. It must have saved me at least $80 off the cheapest deal I could have done at one of the big chain stores on the exact same product. The delivery guy was great and it was delivered all within 48 hours free. super service guys. I don't know why anyone would want to buy any other way. Thanks again and I will buy again. Cheers
    Joel , Sandgate, QLD

    "I highly recommend to everyone. "

    Great site with a great selection of products, I board washing machine in May and dryer two-mouth lather, deal and service both excellent, I highly recommend to everyone. I will definitely be back.
    Mark , Heidelberg West, VIC