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Vitality 4 Life Company Background

Dedicated to the pursuit of natural health and holistic fitness, Vitality 4 Life got its start in Australia and now supplies households around the world with quality kitchen appliances and other gadgets that encourage healthy living. With a range of cold press juicers as well as specialised blenders and dehydrators, Vitality 4 Life’s products can be useful for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Byron Bay’s Vitality 4 Life was founded in the late 1980s by Roger Akins, who believed that that health and energy levels could be improved through a diet of 'living foods' including raw fruits and vegetables, unprocessed nuts and grains, and good quantities of fibre. To make it easy and enjoyable to improve your daily intake of essential nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals; Vitality 4 Life introduced its first twin gear juicer. This development proved successful, and today the Vitality 4 Life Approved Range includes single gear and twin gear juicers, as well as multi-purpose juicers that also make organic baby foods, ice cream, nut butters, soups, dips, jams and even pasta.

Beyond the fact that Vitality 4 Life products make healthy living easy, they have all been carefully designed to ensure they are durable, compact and easy to clean. The Vitality 4 Life range of commercial-grade blenders, for instance, can be used as multipurpose kitchen tools capable of preparing health shakes, smoothies, hot soups, baby food, ice cream and much more. The best example of one of these all-purpose home appliances is the Bio Chef Blender, which can blend, juice, chop, cook, freeze, whip, grind and crush – all in a matter of moments. Even better, its precision-designed blades have been designed to process food without adversely affecting the nutritional content.

To prepare fruit and vegetables for storage while also preserving their nutrients, your best bet is to use a food dehydrator. Using heat and airflow to reduce the water content of food, a dehydrator can stop the growth of bacteria and prevent spoilage while locking in the food’s nutritional value, allowing it to be stored for up to two years. The Vitality 4 Life Bio Chef Food Dehydrator includes eight trays for maximum efficiency, and an assortment of special features such as the adjustable thermostat, drying guide and digital timer.

Vitality 4 Life’s mission is to supply the best quality products to help customers achieve optimal health, as well as practical post-purchase support to ensure you get the most out of your new appliance. Vitality 4 Life maintains a dedicated service centre with a friendly team of product experts to answer your questions.

Vitality 4 Life offers all the kitchen appliances you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re juicing your favourite fruits and vegetables, or searching for healthier food options, Vitality 4 Life’s appliances make it easy to get the most out of life.


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