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Vintec Wine Storage and Refrigeration - Company Background

Created in 1999 by Jean-Marie and Leonie Simart, Vintec is the result of a wonderful discovery. Jean-Marie, an Australian born in Paris, first saw a wine cabinet in Singapore while there on business. Simart had been searching for a method to satisfactorily store his wine collection, but had neither the space nor the time to construct a wine cellar. He had discovered the perfect solution in the cabinet design: an elegant, easily portable way to keep wines in pristine condition at the perfect temperature over the long or short term. After importing a few French made cabinet models to Australia, the concept became a success alongside the rapid growth of the Australian wine industry. With consumers becoming more knowledgeable about wines the concept of supplying wine cabinets for storage seemed a perfect fit.

Today, Vintec imports wine cabinets from France, Denmark and China, selling these across Australia and New Zealand through over two hundred and fifty select retailers. Primarily intended for consumers with private collections, their wine cabinets have proven popular among some of the most renowned restaurants and chefs in Australia and are being included in the plans of architects and interior designers for innovative kitchens and dining rooms. A small but versatile company, Vintec is Australia's leading supplier of wine cabinets. They innovate with smart solutions for the optimal enjoyment of wine and are committed to one goal alone: making sure their customers have complete satisfaction in their products. Being a smaller, local Australian company, they are able to meet their customer's needs quickly and efficiently.

Vintec climate controlled wine cabinets create the same natural conditions found in wine cellars. With controllable temperature, ventilation and even vibration they provide the best storage solution for your wine collection whilst bringing a touch of elegance to your home or office. Using the finest materials and engineering, Vintec cabinets are designed to provide complete protection from outside influences, allowing your wine to mature under optimal conditions. Economical and affordable, their line of products is designed to serve the needs of the most discriminating wine enthusiast.

You can feel good about your purchase knowing that Vintec is dedicated to providing a green experience and cares about the environment. To this end, Vintec is replacing the older, more conventional refrigerant gasses in its cabinets to the newer gas R600A. R600A has no ozone depleting properties and is currently the preferred refrigerant used throughout Europe. Furthermore, R600A is more energy efficient than previous gases, saving you electricity and money.

Why a wine cabinet instead of a fridge, you might ask? The answer is that traditional refrigerators generate an intense level of cold that can dry out a wine bottle's cork and potentially denature your wines. A Vintec cabinet protects your collection and provides the perfect conditions necessary for both the preservation and maturation of wines. Vintec cabinets provide five key elements in storing your wine: a constant temperature, consistent humidity, protection from UV and fluorescent light, protection from harmful vibrations and proper air circulation.

With a Vintec cabinet, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wine collection will retain all the value you've invested in it. Whether you're a collector or a discerning host, a wine cabinet is an outstanding investment. With Appliances Online you know you'll have the best available assistance in choosing the cabinet that's perfect for you.


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