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Vax Appliances Company Background

Vax is a leading UK floorcare company, known for the reliability and effectiveness of its products. Vax offers a comprehensive range of carpet cleaners, upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, cordless, steam and hard floor cleaners.

The classic British brand was born in the 1970s when gentleman farmer, Alan Brazier, tried to buy a vacuum cleaner to not only sweep up dirt and dust, but clear spills and wash carpets. Unable to find one available, and inspired by a milk churn on his Worcestershire dairy farm, he designed the “orange tub,” which went into production in 1979, and is still available today.

Since then, Vax has expanded across Europe, The Middle East and even Australia. Backed by Hong Kong ‘s Techtronic Industries Group (TTi), Vax is able to constantly innovate and update its range of durable products, which bring quality, performance and reliability to you, your home, and your family.

The Vax range of modern carpet cleaners combine a variety of features to provide you with everything you need to bring new life to even the most worn out carpet. A pre-treatment kit can soften up stubborn stains where required; water jets will pump cleaning solution (prepared to perfection with the Automix system) deep into the carpet pile; and powerful suction will get your carpets touch dry and completely clean in no time. For an even more thorough clean, the heated cleaning setting can further improve washing and drying performance.

All Vax upright vacuum cleaners are designed to be light and easy to manoeuvre around the home, so cleaning doesn’t have to be a workout. Rotating brush bars will dislodge dirt, pick up pet hair and groom carpet pile, resulting in spotless carpets that are worth showing off. No Loss Of Suction technology uses air multiple cyclones, rather than filters, to separate dirt from air in three stages, so the vacuum will stay more powerful for longer, and require less maintenance.

Even those of us on tiles or floorboards can benefit from introducing a Vax product to our home. The Vax range of Bare Floor steam cleaners combine steam with a specially developed detergent to cut through grease and grime, leaving every inch of your bare floor sparkling. Eliminating 99% of bacteria for up to 7 days, the combination of steam and detergent cleans while remaining environmentally friendly, so you can rest assured that your loved ones and their world are being looked after.

A variety of utility cleaners are also available from Vax, including multifunction models that will clean all surfaces, and handheld cleaners for nooks, crannies, cars and upholstery. Smaller steam cleaners and hard floor cleaners are also available to tackle specialised tasks, from eliminating tough patches of grime to getting hard floors spotless and sparkling.

Vax firmly believes that “Performance is Everything.” If you share this belief and want to see your floor cleaning appliances perform their best to deliver perfect results, whether you have carpets, tiles or floorboards in your home, then consider buying a Vax from Appliances Online.


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