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Speed Queen Appliances Company Background

With the invention of the White Cloud washer by Joe Barlow and John Seelig in Ripon, Wisconsin, the Speed Queen legacy has stood for durability, dependability and convenience. Barlow and Seelig had purchased several hand-powered washing machines from a company in Kansas City, Missouri. After experimenting with the washing machines they had built, the inventors were successful in devising a way to increase the machine's efficiency through high speed gearing. The partners then purchased the manufacturing rights from the company in Kansas City, and Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing was born. The company initially produced a limited amount of washers named the "White Cloud" and it wasn't until 1928 that the brand name became Speed Queen. Speed Queen strives to provide its customers with reliable products backed by superior customer service. Whilst Speed Queen is an American company, they keep in mind the unique needs of their Australian consumers.

With over one hundred years producing both consumer and commercial washing machines and equipment, Speed Queen brings you sturdy appliances with no-nonsense design and performance based construction. Speed Queen appliances will get your clothing cleaner - what else would you expect from a company that only does laundry?

With a Speed Queen top-loading washer you have the durability of a commercial washer in your home. With commercial quality components like a stainless steel tub, a commercial grade galvanised steel cabinet and heavy duty motor - standard in Speed Queen washers - you'll get long lasting dependability in a washer that delivers superior cleaning results. An automatic balancing system guarantees that the washing tub never gets knocked out of alignment by an errant load, while a Hush Pak guarantees the quietest wash possible. Bleach and fabric softener dispensers allow you to fill up your machine and let it run so you can multitask. Two spin speeds, an extra rinse switch and a variable water level selector let you have precise control over how you wash, ensuring a perfect clean load every time. Fill hoses are included with your washer, meaning you can set up out of the box easier.

Speed Queen dryers continue the tradition of quality, durable construction and ease of use. A roomy 200L capacity cylinder and large door opening make it easy to toss in a load, whilst the galvanised drum means durability to last through years of service. A reversible door makes placing your dryer anywhere in your home incredibly convenient and an upfront secured lint filter makes cleaning your dryer simple. An adjustable end of cycle buzzer lets you manage your time more effectively and an extended tumble option will let you dry your delicates more slowly, preserving your clothing and letting you do your laundry at your own pace. A cylinder light ensures you can see everything inside your Speed Queen dryer and a heavy duty 220 cm exhaust fan and gas drying ensures your laundry gets a perfect dry every time.

With Speed Queen you know you'll be purchasing a dependable, durable washer or dryer, and with Appliances Online, you know you'll be shopping with confidence. Our guaranteed lowest prices everyday along with our 7 day customer service support makes it easy for you to make the right decision.


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