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About SodaStream

SodaStream Company Background

Have you ever wondered how a soft drink is made? That magical mix of bubbles and flavour form an elixir that is pretty hard to resist, but how do these sodas come to be created? Wonder no more! Thanks to SodaStream's range of innovative benchtop appliances, you can now make your own sparkling drink creations inside your own home.

Founded in 1903, SodaStream gives users the opportunity to turn regular tap water into sparkling water or soft drink in a matter of seconds.

All you have to do is fill the BPA-free carbonating bottle with tap water, secure it to the soda maker, press the carbonating button and watch as the carbon dioxide gas gets injected into the liquid.

The digital display on the SodaStream indicates the fizz level, and will also show you the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder before it requires replacing.

You can also customise your carbonated beverages with a variety of flavoured syrups. It takes just 42mL of syrup to make one liter of soft drink, and the possibilities are virtually endless. SodaStream caters to all tastes, offering classic flavours such as cola and lemonade, as well as mixers such as ginger ale and tonic. And for the more adventurous, there are also iced tea and energy drink flavours.

Another major benefit of owning a SodaStream drink maker is that you don't need to transport heavy bottles home from the supermarket. Additionally, there's no need to waste fridge or cupboard space with large bottles of store-bought soft drink.

With tap water and the flavoured syrups on hand you can create soft drinks quickly and easily – saving you time and money. Even better, SodaStream beverages will remain sparkling for over a week (when stored correctly).

But the advantages don't stop there – SodaStream soft drinks also contain a third less sugar and sodium than traditional soft drinks and are a more environmentally-friendly solution.

The machines are easy to clean, and there is no need for batteries or electricity. All you have to do is replace the gas cylinder once it is empty, and update your PET carbonating bottles every 18 months to three years.

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