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Siemens is Germany’s number one built-in home appliance brand and the leading supplier of premium home appliances across Europe.

Setting the benchmark for more than 100 years, Siemens appliances cater for the modern lifestyle’s most demanding aspirations, not just in Europe, but in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.Offering a range of appliances that express a distinctive sense of style through innovative technology and design, Siemens carefully crafts its appliances to meet exacting standards. Some of the most modern and efficient home appliances in the world are available from Siemens, including everything you may need to create a fully-functioning kitchen or laundry.

The complete range of kitchen appliances available from Siemens are versatile enough to be integrated into the déÉcor of your current kitchen, or you can combine multiple Siemens appliances to create a new, ultra-modern look in your kitchen space.The Siemens range of ovens includes multi-function cooking and sophisticated cleaning systems, complemented by stylish, responsive and easy to use cooktops. Siemens rangehoods complement the company’s range of ovens and blend with all kitchen styles while extracting greasy smoke and cooking odours from your kitchen environment.Refrigeration options from Siemens include side-by-side refrigerators and wine coolers, providing ideal temperature and humidity control as well as a range of styles to suit any home. The aCool series of built-in refrigerators combines performance, luxury and energy efficiency into a premium cooling concept.

A range of dishwashing solutions are available from Siemens, including freestanding, integrated, built-under and compact built-in models. Not only do Siemens dishwashers look good, but they all provide excellent dishwashing performance. Advanced technology powering Siemens washers and dryers help take the effort out of keeping your clothes clean, while their modern designs inject a touch of style into what’s normally a utility space. Stylish washing machines from Siemens let you manage your individual laundry needs through their advanced optiWave drum system and autoStain Removal System.

Siemens dryers use textile management and digital sensing technology to quickly and evenly dry large pieces of laundry as well as delicate textiles. Owning a Siemens appliance brings confidence and style into your home life. Extensive research and testing of every part of each appliance delivers a level of reassurance that will last for many years. Your Siemens appliances will always make sure that your food is cooked perfectly, your wine glasses are brilliantly clean and your favourite bottle of wine is chilled to perfection.

Siemens considers sustainability to be a priority, whether this is economic, social, or environmental sustainability. By using resources efficiently and responsibly, protecting consumers, employees and the environment, and managing the impacts of environmental changes to create a sustainable future, Siemens does what it can to make the world a better place wherever it operates. Experience innovative technology and design that optimises the efficient use of water and energy with a Siemens appliance from Appliances Online.


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